Grantchester series 7 cast

Grantchester series 7 cast – who stars alongside Robson Green and Tom Brittney?

The nostalgic cosy crime drama is back!

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DI Geordie Keating and Reverend Will Davenport are back in series 7 of Grantchester – but who else is in the cast?

The cosy crime drama starts again on Friday nights from March 11 2022.

And, of course, some of our favourite cast members are back in the murder mystery.

But who’s in the cast, and are there any guest stars?

Here’s everything you need to know!

Grantchester series 7
Robson Green as Geordie Keating and Tom Brittney as Rev Will Davenport in Grantchester series 7 (Credit: ITV1)

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Robson Green stars as Geordie Keating in the cast of Grantchester series 7

Robson Green, 57, returns as DI Geordie Keating in series 7 of Grantchester.

He and Reverend Will Davenport reunite to investigate a mysterious death on the grounds of the once-grand Fitzgerald Estate.

At the beginning of series 7, Geordie Keating is estranged from wife Cathy Keating, with whom he has children.

Robson Green says of his character: “Geordie is lost at the beginning of this series, he no longer has the safety net of family.

“He is detached from Cathy and the kids and he’s living with Will at the Vicarage, also feeling lost there and like a fish out of water.”

Of course, Robson Green became famous in the 80s as Jimmy Powell in BBC1’s Casualty.

He went on to star as Dave Tucker in Soldier Soldier, alongside Jerome Flynn’s Paddy Garvey.

The pair became quite the double act, and even released several songs together under Simon Cowell’s record label.

Simon Cowell was so keen to sign the duo that Robson Green reportedly threatened legal action to stop The X Factor star from harassing them!

Not cool, Simon, not cool!

Robson also played Dave Creegan in Touching Evil, Joe Purvis in Grafters, Colin in Northern Lights and Rob Scotcher in Waterloo Road.

He joined the cast of Grantchester in 2014, and also appears in several popular fishing shows.

Tom Brittney plays Rev Will Davenport in the cast of Grantchester series 7

Tom Brittney reprises his role as Reverend Will Davenport in series 7 of Grantchester.

Fans of the show know that the Reverend is a motorcycle-riding vicar who replaced James Norton’s Sidney Chambers as Grantchester’s man of the cloth.

Will broke his self-imposed vow of celibacy in series 5, and he’s far more sexually liberated now.

And series 7 is no exception!

Episode one of Grantchester series 7 kicks off with Will dancing in a jazz club with a woman called Maya who he subsequently falls for.

Talking about his character in series 7, actor Tom Brittney said: “This series really tests Will’s romantic life and relationships.

“A person comes into his life and causes a lot of problems because when Will falls in love, he falls hard.

“Then someone else comes along, who Will wasn’t expecting and they throw a spanner into the works.

“He has a real dilemma on his hands of what to do.

“He needs to choose between following his head or his heart.”

Tom Brittney, now 31, joined the cast of Grantchester in 2019.

Actor Tom’s first role was in Doctors in 2013.

He went on to star in Casualty, Call the Midwife and Pramface, before landing the huge role in Grantchester.

Tom directs one episode of Grantchester series 7, too.

Tessa Peake-Jones as
Grantchester series 7 cast: Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs Chapman (Credit: ITV1)

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Grantchester series 7 cast – Tessa Peake-Jones returns as Mrs Chapman

Tessa Peake-Jones, 64, portrays Mrs Chapman in the cast of Grantchester.

Formerly Mrs Maguire, viewers saw her marry Jack Chapman in series 3.

She’s a devout housekeeper to Rev Will Davenport, and will be opening a cafe in series 7.

Tragically, though, Mrs C’s faith is tested to the limit in the new series.

Her doctor gives Mrs C some news that radically changes her life.

Because she’s a very private woman, she keeps her illness to herself for as long as possible – something that proves heartbreaking to watch.

Only Fools and Horses fans will know Tessa as Raquel Turner in sitcom.

She’s also played Sue Bond in Doctors, Sheila in Unforgotten, Evelyn Bowen in Marchlands, and Imelda Cousins in Holby City – among countless other roles.

Al Weaver plays Leonard Finch

Al Weaver, 41, has portrayed Leonard Finch ever since the first series in 2014.

He’s the closeted gay friend of Will’s and former curate.

In series 6, Leonard was ‘outed’ following a seaside holiday with secret boyfriend Daniel.

Al Weaver explains: “Leonard is no longer a priest and he’s out of prison and we find him on a new venture – a cafe.”

Actor Al Weaver has been acting for two decades, and is known for his roles in Five Days, The Devil’s Whore, Personal Affairs, and The Nativity.

He has starred in Colette, Peterloo and The Hollow Crown, and recently played James Edwards in the Mike Bartlett series Press.

Al Weaver as Leonard Finch
Al Weaver as Leonard Finch in the cast of Grantchester series 7 (Credit: ITV1)

Kacey Ainsworth appears as Cathy Keating in Grantchester series 7 cast

Kacey Ainsworth, 53, stars as Geordie’s estranged wife Cathy Keating.

The pair agreed to go their separate ways at the end of series 6.

She has since found new independence, and is working in a department store.

Kacey Ainsworth says: “At the beginning of the series Cathy has thrown Geordie out, this time for good.

“They’re trying to co-parent and negotiate the logistics of it all with pick-ups and drop-offs, the whole diary mess which doesn’t fit well with Geordie’s job.”

Of course, EastEnders fans will know actress Kacey as ‘Little’ Mo Slater in the BBC soap.

After leaving Walford, Kacey played Insp Jenny Black in Holby Blue, Valerie Wright in The Wright Way, and Miss Gullet in The Worst Witch.

Oliver Dimsdale stars as Daniel Marlowe

Actor Oliver Dimsdale plays Leonard Finch’s boyfriend Daniel Marlowe.

The couple are now openly gay – or as open as you could be in 1959’s England – after being ‘outed’ in series 6.

Actor Oliver, 49, has played Dr Felix Quinn in Harley Street, the Prince of Wales in Downton Abbey, Mr Keen in Mr Selfridge, and Louis Trevelyan in He Knew He Was Right.

Most recently, he’s portrayed Peter Eaton in White House Farm, and Pierre in The Last Czars.

Grantchester series 7 cast
Nick Brimble as Jack Chapman and Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe in the cast of Grantchester (Credit: ITV1)

Nick Brimble plays Jack Chapman

Veteran actor Nick Brimble, 77, stars as Jack Chapman in the cast of Grantchester series 7.

He’s been in the show ever since series one in 2014.

Before that, Nick was known for Skinner in The Halcyon, Agathus in Roman Mysteries, and Dron in War & Peace.

Emmerdale fans will know him as Terence Turner, a role he played in 2006.

Nick has also starred in numerous films, including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – where he played Little John – and A Knight’s Tale.

Melissa Johns portrays Miss Scott

Disabled actress Melissa Johns portrays Miss Scott in the cast of Grantchester series 7 cast.

She’s played the role ever since series 6 in 2021.

Melissa – who was born without her right forearm and hand – is known for playing Hannah Taylor in Mike Bartlett’s BBC One drama Life.

She also starred as Sadie in The Interceptor in 2015.

Corrie fans will know Imogen Pascoe in Coronation Street, a role she played from 2017 to 2019.

Melissa Johns Grantchester
Melissa Johns as Miss Scott in Grantchester (Credit: ITV1)

Bradley Hall stars as Larry Peters

Actor Bradley Hall, 30, stars as Larry Peters and has done since series 4 in 2019.

Before that, Bradley appeared as Robin Turner in The Singapore Grip and Luke Parkson in Casualty.

He’s also popped up in numerous films, including Sink, Dunkirk, and Spider.

Michael D. Xavier plays Geordie’s new boss DCI Elliot Wallace

Actor Michael D. Xavier joins the cast of Grantchester series 7 as Geordie’s new boss DCI Elliot Wallace.

When Rev Will Davenport and DI Geordie Keating begin to investigate a murder, they find themselves at odds with Geordie’s new boss DCI Elliot Wallace.

He doesn’t take kindly to Will examining the corpse.

The new DCI yells at Geordie: “What the hell are you doing giving a civilian access to the crime scene?”

Well, it IS a valid question!

Actor Michael D. Xavier is a whooping 6ft 3 tall.

He’s known for playing Dr Steph Belcombe in Gentleman Jack, Patrick Thompson in The Chelsea Detective, and Lieutenant Hamilton Knox in Outlander.

Grantchester series 7
Elloria Torchia joins the cast as Maya, the new love interest of Tom Brittney’s Rev Will Davenport (Credit: ITV1)

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Who guest stars in series 7?

ITV has confirmed a number of guest stars during series 7, including Call the Midwife actress Charlotte Ritchie.

Charlotte, who played Nurse Barbara Hereward in the BBC period drama, stars as Bonnie Evans in Grantchester series 7.

She appears in episode three onwards.

The actress is also known for playing Alison Cooper in Ghosts, George in Feel Good, Alison in Dead Pixels, and Melissa ‘Oregon’ Shawcross in Dead Meat.

The Split star Ellora Torchia also joins the cast as Maya.

Beatnik Maya is Rev Davenport’s hot new love interest!

Ellora joins the cast in episode one of Grantchester series 7.

The actress has also starred in DCI Banks, Indian Summers, Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands, and Broadchurch.

Emma Cunniffe also guest stars as Maude Fitzgerald.

Actress Emma, recently starred in political thriller Roadkill, and is known for her roles in The Lakes, Silent Witness, and Unforgotten.

Meanwhile, Anna Wilson-Jones stars as Adele Fitzgerald.

Viewers will know her as Jackie in A Confession, Lady Leadsom in Harlots, and Lady Emma Portman in Victoria.

Other guest stars include Janie Dee of Official Secrets fame, The English Patient’s Philip Whitchurch, and Nip/Tuck’s Rowena King.

In episode two, David Boyle stars as Douglas Rickman, Kirsty Besterman plays Melanie Carmichael, and Boadicea Ricketts is Velma Sawyer.

Episode three stars Steven Blake as Danny Smart, Isaac Highams as Ernie Evans, Rowena King as Edith Larson, and Tom Glenister (yes, son of Robert!) as Jim.

Grantchester series 7 starts on Friday March 11 2022 at 9pm on ITV1 and the ITV Hub.

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