Grand Designs couple give Kevin McCloud what for in super-awkward scene

You tell him Leigh and Richard!

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A Grand Designs couple who own a flour mill in Cornwall told host Kevin McCloud that they don’t “give a toss” what he thinks about their renovation.

In last night’s episode of the show (Wednesday February 3), couple Leigh and Richard converted the 17th-century mill into a three-bedroom house.

But in the face of criticism from Kevin, the couple hit back.

Cornwall flour mill couple say they don't give a [bleep] what Kevin McCloud thinks
Kevin with Leigh and Richard (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to the flour mill couple on Grand Designs last night?

Leigh and Richard paid £235,000 for the historic building and set aside only  £50,000 for the conversion.

Kevin worried that the budget was too small to renovate a property of this size.

He said: “I feel my argument for conservative repair may never find a happy home within these walls.

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“Leigh and Richard, weary and worn down, just want to get it finished.”

However, Kevin’s fears did not make much of an impact on the couple.

What did Leigh tell Kevin?

“It’s a significant building,” Leigh told Kevin after he raised concerns.

“We have saved and to be honest, I don’t think an outsider standing here is in a position to make a judgement and really l don’t give a toss what they think.”

“Well, that’s me told!” a shocked Kevin responded.

Viewers of the show then chipped in with their own comments about the clash.

After all, it’s not often participants in the hit renovation show question Kevin’s wisdom and experience.

How did viewers react?

Viewers were shocked by the exchange with some in favour of Kevin, and some in favour of the Leigh and Richard.

One said: #granddesigns we thought Kevin was a bit mean to the couple who saved the mill in Cornwall.”

Another viewer said: “Go on Leigh! Tell Kevin you give no [bleep]”

However, one viewer – taking Kevin’s side – exclaimed: “Wow, talking [bleep] about Kevin while the cameras roll during the build you invited them onto? Basic [bleep].”

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Leigh and Richard also won praise for their down-to-earth personalities.

One viewer wrote: “How on earth did Leigh and Richard get selected for Grand Designs.

“They are pretty normal people and well hinged, not the usual pretentious [bleep] the programme seems to be made up of. #granddesigns”

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