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Graham Norton hits out at ‘unfair’ Eurovision 2021 result for UK, pitying ‘poor’ James Newman

'I feel so sorry for James Newman,' telly host grumbled

Eurovision 2021 host Graham Norton thinks the UK and singer James Newman were treated ‘unfairly’ in the competition.

The UK finished dead bottom on the scoreboard by the end of the Eurovision broadcast last night (Saturday May 22).

And despite Graham talking up James’ popularity with his fellow competitors, the final result was a humiliation for the UK.

James Newman at Eurovision
James Newman didn’t pick up a single point at Eurovision 2021 (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

‘He’s such a happy guy’

Moments before James’ performance of Embers, Graham reeled off the 35-year-old’s accomplishments.

“James is a multi-platinum selling, BRIT award-winning and Grammy-nominated songwriter,” Graham said.

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“But tonight he’s foraying into performance – and performing his own song.”

Pausing as if he knew a bad result could be on the way, Graham grasped: “[James has] been so popular backstage, he’s so… totally himself. He’s unguarded and genuine and such a happy guy.”

‘Poor James’

And it seems that Graham’s possible inklings were correct.

As the scores rolled in – but failed to roll in for James and the UK – Graham became uncomfortable with how badly James was beaten.

Let’s not dwell on James Newman’s fate.

“Let’s not dwell on James Newman’s fate,” the funnyman host said solemnly.

James Newman at Eurovision
James Newman may have been popular backstage but voters and judges weren’t convinced (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

What Graham Norton said about Eurovision pasting

Graham continued: “Oh poor James. That isn’t… I mean, I say this often… but it really isn’t fair.

“That is not the worst song in the competition by a long shot.”

Furthermore, the UK failed to pick up any support from the public, as well as the judges.

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Graham reflected: “It’s a disappointing show, obviously, for the UK.

“I mean, disappointing is putting it mildly… I’m trying to put a positive spin on it.

“But there is really no good in it. I feel so sorry for James.”

James Newman at Eurovision
James Newman scored ‘nul points’ but put on a brave face for the cameras (Credit: BBC iPlayer)

James, however, remained graceful in the face of defeat. Despite failing to attract a single point, he remained smiling whenever the camera turned to him.

Many UK viewers were also amused by the complete trouncing, with some joking there was no chance of a decent finish following Brexit.

Italian rock band Måneskin were ultimately victorious, pulling in 524 points more than James’ ‘nul points’.

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