Good Morning Britain viewers in hysterics after newsreader makes rude blunder

Fans had their mornings brightened by GMB presenter Sean Fletcher

Good Morning Britain viewers were left crying with laughter, after a newsreader made a comical balls-up live on air.

Talking about BT’s decision to cut prices, as Sean Fletcher was delivering the breaking news he accidentally said that customers’ “BALLS would be falling!”

He quickly corrected the sentence to “bills” but by then the damage had been done, as he struggled to hold back a fit of giggles to continue with the report.

Fortunately newsreader Sean, 43, could hide his grin as the show broadcast a series of images over his report.

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But it was clearly difficult for him to keep his composure in the studio, as everyone around him was laughing.

Viewers weren’t even trying though, as they shared online how much the rude gaffe had brightened their morning and given them a good laugh.

“@SeanFletcherTV great recovery, made my morning. BT customers watch your balls! #GMB” tweeted one.

And another added: “Breaking news balls falling LOL @GMB he can’t stop laughing.”

Fans weren’t the only ones in hysterics.

Although presenter Sean managed to stifle his giggles to get through the report, his fellow presenters in the studio – Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh – really couldn’t hold the laughter back.

After composing himself, Sean tweeted a jokey clarification.

“Contrary to reports on GMB BT customers ‘balls haven’t fallen – their bills have fallen. Haven’t seen @benshephard and @ranvir01 laugh so much.”

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As fans laughed about his Freudian slip online, some BT customers joked that they were happy at the shock news.

“@SeanFletcherTV As a BT customer I’m really pleased to learn my balls will drop – it’s been a long time coming @GMB #goofed” said one.