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Good Morning Britain viewers divided as Colin Stagg comments on Rachel Nickell murder investigation

He described himself as a "shy, immature man"

Viewers were left divided on Good Morning Britain today (August 26) as Colin Stagg appeared on the show.

Stagg, 57, was wrongly arrested for the murder of Rachel Nickell in 1992 and his character is currently appearing Channel 4 drama, Deceit.

However, Stagg left viewers divided after he said “all men lie to get what they want”.

Good Morning Britain today: What happened to Colin Stagg?

Hosts Charlotte Hawkins and Ranvir Singh welcomed Colin into the studio and talked to him about the case that changed his life back in the early 1990s.

Seen as a loner, he was pegged as a suspect by the police early in the investigation.

They employed a female undercover operative to extract a confession from him.

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However, she found no real evidence against him.

After spending 13 months in prison, he was acquitted in 1994 with the judge saying the police had used “excessive zeal”.

Subsequently, thanks to DNA techniques when the case was re-opened in 2008, Robert Napper was found guilty of the brutal murder.

On Good Morning Britain today Colin Stagg divided viewers with his appearance
Colin Stagg on appeared Good Morning Britain today (Credit: ITV)

A ‘shy, immature young man’

Colin Stagg appeared on GMB this morning to talk about the extraordinary events.

He said that it was “just an incident that happened in my life” and admitted he as a “shy, immature young man” back in the 1990s.

When asked about the drama, he said he thought he came across “quite well” and not “creepy” as many regard him.

On Good Morning Britain Today, Charlotte Hawkins interviews Colin Stagg
Charlotte was asking the questions on GMB (Credit: ITV)

And, responding to the claims he shared sexual fantasies with the female undercover operative and spoke about the Rachel Nickell case with her, he said: “I was just responding to what Lizzie was telling me.

“Any man would tell any woman a lie to get what they want. It was no different from that basically.”

How did viewers react?

The quote divided viewers on Twitter.

One said: “Flicked on #GMB to see Colin Stagg as he sat face-to-face with @ranvir01 @CharlotteHawkns.

“Two female presenters – say that like any bloke, he’d lie to a woman to get what he wanted from her…

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“No one batted an eye… can’t believe that entire interaction just happened.”

However, one viewer said: “Colin Stagg an ordinary bloke who got caught in a manhunt… #GMB.

“He’s moved on… so should the world…”

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