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Good Morning Britain viewers defend guest’s expletive-ridden outburst

Susanna had to apologise for the words used

A guest on today’s Good Morning Britain left presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard shocked when she went on a rant, spouting some striking expletives.

Labour party MP Diane Abbott came onto the show and confessed that she receives a lot of racial abuse on Twitter.

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Diane spoke out about being the victim of racial abuse (Credit: ITV)

She heartbreakingly admitted to Susanna and Ben: “It’s really quite frightening.”

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She then stunned them when she mentioned the ‘n’ word followed by a swear word (it begins with a ‘b’).

She continued: “When I say abuse, it’s not people saying ‘I disagree with you about nationalising the railways’.

“It’s people calling me a [expletive] [expletive], threatening acid attacks, it’s rape, it’s death threats.

“It’s upsetting for me but it’s also very upsetting for my staff who have to deal with it.”

Credit: ITV
Susanna had to try and apologise for the language used (Credit: ITV)

Although Diane was just trying to explain what she has been through, she went against the golden rule of not being allowed to swear on live daytime TV.

Susanna had to mention this and tell her that the words she used could be offensive to the viewers.

She told Diane: “Obviously people listening to those abusive terms will also be upset by them.

“You’ve received them directly, we can’t broadcast them obviously on the programme this time of the morning.”

Although the words she used could be deemed offensive, many viewers have taken to Twitter to express their support for her, and defend her outburst.

One said: “What people should be more outraged about is vile abuse Diane Abbott receives on a daily basis – not that she described it on live TV.”

Another tweeted: “The shock we feel about Diane Abbott saying some bad words #GMB should not be that she said them but at how often they are directed at her!”

A third said: “Surely people should be more outraged at the vile abuse Diane Abbott receives online?”

“GMB viewers should be shocked at the abuse Diane Abbott has had to endure not that she used the N word on TV,” said a fourth.

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While another supportive viewer said: “Why are people so outraged/shocked by @HackneyAbbott when she’s quoting the direct abuse she faces? Imagine being in her position!!”

Susanna Reid has had a bit of a day of it, as she suffered another awkward encounter on the show when she interviewed famous singer Dionne Warwick.

Dionne slammed Susanna after the presenter tried to delve into the topic of superstar Whitney Houston, who was Dionne’s cousin.

Dionne refused to talk about Whitney (Credit: ITV)

Whitney tragically died at the age of 48 due to accidentally drowning in a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton hotel back in 2012.

Of course it would be a soft spot for Dionne because Whitney was a member of her family, but she point blank refused to answer questions about her and accused Susanna of being ‘hurtful’.

When Susanna tried to approach the subject of Whitney’s death, Dionne responded: “Oh yeah, we’re not going to discuss that.

“Okay that’s a bygone conclusion, so we’re not discussing that.”

Dionne got more upset when Susanna tried to push it, as she explained she was only asking because a new documentary about Whitney recently aired on BBC Two.

Dionne said: “First of all it’s a very personal thing and why would you guys even want to continue to hurt me?

Credit: ITV
Ben and Susanna had to apologise to Dionne (Credit: ITV)

“Because that does hurt so let’s just leave it there.”

Stunned Susanna and fellow presenter Ben Shephard instantly apologised. Susanna said: “I’m sorry that that hurts and I totally respect you. You’re absolutely right.”

Ben added: “That wasn’t our intention Dionne so apologies for that.”

After the awkward exchange the presenters brought the topic back to what Dionne was there to talk about, which was a performance she is going to give in aid of the Dot Com Children’s Foundation.

She is set to perform tomorrow night for a 45 minute set at the historic Royal Palace in Whitehall, to raise money for the charity.