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Good Morning Britain: Richard Madeley returns as his appearance distracts viewers

Someone's been on holiday!

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Some Good Morning Britain viewers fumed as Richard Madeley returned to the show today (Monday, January 10) and left them seriously distracted.

It was the 65-year-old’s first time back hosting the show since before he entered Gwrych Castle for I’m A Celebrity back in November.

Richard Madeley’s return to Good Morning Britain

richard madeley on good morning britain
The presenter returned to the show today (Credit: ITV)

Richard made his long-awaited return to GMB today after a couple of months away. He last presented the show back in November, just before his short-lived stint on the last series of I’m A Celebrity.

“Welcome back to the programme!” Richard’s co-host, Susanna Reid, said within seconds of the camera’s rolling.

“It’s very nice to come back,” Richard said with a big smile.

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“I don’t think we’ve seen you since you emerged from the I’m A Celebrity castle,” Susanna said.

Richard cast his mind back to when he was last on the show.

“Yeah, I came here the morning after I left,” he said.

Susanna then said that felt like “a hundred years” ago. “It feels like a different age, doesn’t it?” Richard agreed.

What did viewers have to say?

susanna reid gmb
Viewers were divided over Richard’s return to the show (Credit: ITV)

It wasn’t just Richard’s return to GMB that got viewers talking this morning. It was his new look too. Richard looked noticeably bronzer on the show today, and it didn’t take long for viewers to start poking fun at his new tan.

“Why does Richard have a permanent tan 365 days a year?” one viewer asked.

“Has Richard got fake tan on,” another tweeted.

Susanna posted a selfie of herself and Richard on Twitter, which drew plenty of attention too.

“And orange as ever. Seriously… If you turned the lights off this guy [Richard] would glow like my childhood dinosaur stickers,” one of her followers joked.

Elsewhere, some peope weren’t happy to have Richard back on the show.

One said: “Oh joy, Richard Madeley is back, ugh. Honestly I don’t know why he keeps getting hired.”

Another tweeted: “Switch on GMB… see Richard Madeley… switch off immediately.”

A third said: “I cannot stand Richard, I was very disappointed to see he was back I think Ben ShephArd is the best one.”

However, plenty of viewers were happy to see the presenter back on the show though!

“Brilliant to see Richard back… bit of eye candy for the ladies,” one fan of the show said.

What else did Richard Madeley say on Good Morning Britain?

richard madeley on good morning britain
Richard’s tan was explained (Credit: ITV)

“I wish Richard would get the job permanently on GMB,” another said.

“Glad to see you back Richard,” a third said.

Viewers got an explanation as to why Richard had a tan at the start of the show – because Richard had been in America!

The 65-year-old also revealed to Susanna that he was unsure whether he’d even be back to host the show today because of Covid.

“I wondered if I’d be back actually because I got Covid like you did,” he told Susanna. “But a bit later than you. You got it before Christmas, didn’t you? Yeah, we got it on Christmas day.”

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He said that due to this, he wasn’t able to have Christmas dinner.

“But we were in America, that meant we couldn’t fly home when we wanted to,” he revealed too.

Susanna didn’t comment on Richard’s bronzed look, but it doesn’t look like she needed to, as plenty of others did!

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