Good Morning Britain favourite reveals why they won’t do Dancing On Ice

Nice try, Torvill & Dean!

Good Morning Britain’s Richard Arnold has revealed Torvill & Dean desperately tried to recruit him for Dancing On Ice.

However, it seems the morning telly favourite struggled to balance on the ice and, er, failed to impress skating duo Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean when he showed them a few moves.

Writing in his Woman’s Own magazine column, Richard said: “Torvill and Dean tried to get me on Dancing On Ice, but seeing me wobble like a jelly when I tried to skate, they gave up.”

Richard added: “With my large head, my centre of gravity is so high that it’s an effort for me to stand on solid ground, never mind ice!”

Aw, Richard, practice makes perfect, right?

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Even though Richard, who is GMB’s showbiz guru, didn’t make it onto the ice, the ITV breakfast show is still being represented.

The programme’s weatherman, Alex Beresford, is one of the celebrities currently competing.

Alex and partner Brianne Delcourt earned a respectable 19.5 out of 40 points for their debut performance on Sunday night.

They got a 4.5 from Jason Gardiner, and 5s from Ashley Banjo, Torvill and Dean.

“This has been an amazing experience so far,” said Alex.

“That felt so good.”

And, if Alex has his way, appearing on Dancing On Ice will open the doors to other opportunities beyond Good Morning Britain.

“I just enjoy working in television and I don’t want to be boxed off as the weather guy, I know I can do more than just present the weather so I’d love to do other shows as well,” said Alex.

“It’s been a great experience and there are so many people that I look up to in this industry who are doing more than one thing. I’m looking forward to potential opportunities that could come from being in other people’s living rooms each weekend.”

Dancing On Ice kicked off two weeks ago with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield back fronting the programme.

The first skate-off of the series took place on Sunday night and, unfortunately, meant saying goodbye to Candice Brown.

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The former Great British Bake Off winner landed in the bottom two alongside popstar Lemar.

And sadly for Candice, although two judges voted to save Candice and two voted to save Lemar, one of the votes for Lemar was from head judge Christopher, which meant it was a decisive vote that sent Candice home.