Gogglebox viewers think Sophie and Pete don't have a normal relationship

Gogglebox viewers think Sophie and Pete have weird relationship after he reveals his underwear

More holes than material!

Pete and Sophie left Gogglebox viewers questioning their relationship last night (May 30).

The siblings from Blackpool had viewers in hysterics as Pete proudly showed off a pair of pants he’s had since he was 15 – and they have definitely seen better days.

The cheeky TV favourite showed off a pair of blue boxers that were full of holes. So many in fact that viewers joked they’re “past their sell-by date”.

Gogglebox's Pete and Sophie shared an intimate moment
Gogglebox’s Pete and Sophie shared an intimate moment (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Pete and Sophie on Gogglebox last night?

In last night’s episode, the siblings could be seen laughing as Pete dropped his trousers to reveal the offending underwear.

Sophie couldn’t hide her dismay, as she said: “How have you got a fiancée?”

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Pete replied: “She’s been asking me to bin them ever since I’ve known her.”

When sister Sophie suggested he bin the pants, he declared that the pants had “a few years left in them yet”.

What did viewers say?

Viewers were quick to share their reactions to Pete’s fancy pants as they took to social media.

One viewer let a gif sum up their reaction:

Even the official Channel 4 Twitter account got in on the joke. The account tweeted: “When you just can’t part with your favourite undies…”

Viewers couldn’t understand why the star was showing off his dire underwear, and begged him to replace them.

One fan wrote: “I echo his sister’s comment how has he got a fiance! Don’t wear them on your Wedding Day!”

Another shared: “How do you know where to put your legs???”

A third said: “Please tell us where we can send Pete some new indestructible, breathable American made underwear. Can’t stand to see a man in such disrepair. We want to help!”

‘Borderline incestuious’

However, not all viewers thought the moment was funny, one said that the pair just don’t have a “normal” sibling relationship.

Others couldn’t understand why it was being shown, as one viewer tweeted: “What a total waste of viewing time! Two set of complete [bleep] That’s my IMO.”

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Some viewers even thought Pete showing his sister his underwear was weird.

One viewer wrote: “What exactly were the events leading up to #Pete showing his holey underwear to his sister #Sophie on #Gogglebox.”

Another shared: “Pete showing Sophie his minging pants…. borderline incestuous I tell you.”

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