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Thursday 9th April 2020

Gogglebox viewers in stitches as confused Malone family dog goes WILD

A Malone family prank backfired with hilarious results!

Channel 4 viewers howled with laughter during Friday night's episode of Gogglebox after a family prank backfired - and saw one member of the Malones slobbered into submission.

Show favourite Tom had put on a dog mask as a bit of fun to wind up son Shaun - but he hadn't accounted for the Manchester family's beautiful and burly pet might react.

"Shaun, close your eyes - your mum's got me something for Halloween," his dad told him.

But as Shaun kept his peepers firmly shut, Dave the dog playfully mauled his 'new' canine pal.

Dave's reaction tickled everyone (Credit:

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"He thinks it is a dog," mum Julie shrieked as Dave tried to remove the mask with his mouth.

"It's me Dave, you [bleep]head!" Tom pleaded over and over as Dave persisted, leaving the Malone patriarch sprawling as he waved his arms and legs.

You made me weep with laughing.

Julie and Shaun were not the only ones to find the moment hysterical - scores of show fans also expressed how funny they found it on social media.

"Love Dave 😂," laughed one Twitter user.

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"I don't think I've ever laughed at an episode of Gogglebox so much as I have this evening, so funny," tweeted another.

A third person added: "You made me weep with laughing, thanks our Dave."

And another said: "Can't stop laughing, but support Dave 100% (sorry hoomans) #Gogglebox."

One viewer was left panting more than Dave, they admitted: "Should've been a warning... near choked to death on my tea laughing at this."

"That is now my favourite thing," chuckled another.

'It's me Dave!' (Credit:

Another viewer said the scene was just what they needed, tweeting: "This made my [bleep] day much more brighter with a laugh, thanks guys and the star of the show Dave of course."

However, the Malones quickly dispelled any notion Dave was behaving violently following an inaccurate claim from a troll.

The Malones' Twitter account corrected them: "He wasn't trying to bite his face off, he was trying to get the mask off him."

And replying to another person who defended Dave by suggesting the Rottweiler was clearly playing, the Malones added: "Dave can bark like mad but is so gentle when using his mouth."

- Gogglebox airs on Friday nights on Channel 4 at 9pm

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