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Gogglebox: Viewers distracted as Sid Siddiqui’s hair looks ‘blue’

The Channel 4 favourite looked 'even more dashing'

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Gogglebox star Sid Siddiqui looked different but more dashing than ever in last night’s episode, according to viewers.

The Channel 4 reality series continued on Friday (October 16) evening and saw the stars tuning in for programmes such as Autumn at Jimmy’s Farm, Made In Chelsea and Netflix horror The Haunting of Bly Manor.

However, it seems a number of viewers were distracted by Siddiqui dad Sid’s hair.

Sid Siddiqui family Gogglebox
Gogglebox viewers were distracted by Sid Siddiqui’s hair (Credit: Channel 4)

What did Gogglebox viewers say about Sid Siddiqui?

Some of those watching took to Twitter to ask if Sid had had a blue rinse done

One tweeted: “Has Mr Siddique had a blue rinse? #Gogglebox.”

Sid Siddiqui family Gogglebox
In last night’s Gogglebox, the BGT final and Made In Chelsea were among the shows watched (Credit: Channel 4)

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Another said: “Mr Siddiqui appears to have had a blue/purple rinse and he looks even more dashing #Gogglebox.”

A third wrote: “Has Papa Siddiqui got a blue rinse in? #gogglebox.”

Someone else asked if “anyone else noticed” the different look.

Mr Siddiqui appears to have had a blue/purple rinse and he looks even more dashing.

A fifth put: “Has Grandpa Siddiqui had a blue rinse? #Gogglebox.”

“Sorry,” said a sixth. “Can we talk about Sid’s purple hair!? #Gogglebox.”

Julie Malone’s hair caught in vacuum

Elsewhere in last night’s Gogglebox, Julie Malone had a hilarious accident that almost saw her hair torn out.

Julie was sat with her son Shaun, husband Tom Snr and their grandchild, Shaun’s son Louis.

They had a handheld vacuum cleaner and joked that the tot should hoover up his grandma.

Malone Family Gogglebox
Julie Malone nearly had her hair ripped off by a vacuum cleaner (Credit: Channel 4)

Shortly after they turned it on, the little one pointed it at Julie – and she let out a huge scream as it sucked up her hair.

Tom Snr rushed to switch it off before it did any real damage – and it had viewers crying laughing.

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One said on Twitter: “@TheMalonesGB OMG! Julie, I nearly choked laughing! Sorry, but it was funny. What a start to the show! My hair! Gorgeous grandchild though. #Gogglebox.”

“Ooh Julie’s hair up that hoover!” said another, adding more seriously: “That could’ve been dangerous #Gogglebox.”

“The hoover sucking up Julie’s hair, I’m crying,” someone else said.

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