Gogglebox stars pan Mel and Sue’s Generation Game reboot as “cheap”

Classic BBC1 gameshow returned on Easter Sunday for two episodes

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The Generation Game’s revival has been brutally trashed by the stars of Channel 4’s Gogglebox.

The couch potatoes vented their dismay on last night’s show just days after viewers slammed the reboot as a disaster, following its return to BBC1 on Easter Sunday with new hosts Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins.

Despite having high hopes that the new version, which the Beeb cut to just two episodes, would be as good as the old series, the channel-hoppers were soon on the warpath.

Stephen with mum Pat (Credit: Channel 4)

They singled out the “car-boot sale” quality of prizes during the famous conveyor belt round and were left flabbergasted when the winning contestants forgot The Generation Game’s iconic cuddly toy.

Stephen Webb, who appears on the show with mum Pat, said: “God, the prizes are as cheap as they used to be.

“Who wants to own any of those prizes? All right, the flat-screen TV and the chocolate fountain, fair enough, but who wants a drum kit?

“Car-booty. They will take all that [bleep] down the car-booty and get 20 quid for the lot of it.”

Welsh couple Dave and Shirley (Credit: Channel 4)

Dave from Caerphilly in Wales added: “They’ve just gone in the store cupboard and pulled the old stuff out.”

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And as a shoe rack was revealed as one of the prizes, his wife Shirley said: “That’s [bleep], isn’t it? You can buy them in Ikea for about four quid.”

Pete Sandiford, who is on the show with sister Sophie, appeared to have got mixed up with Bullseye, saying: “These are all [bleep]! Where’s the speedboat?”

Stephen also criticised the decision to have Mel and Sue announcing the prizes as they passed by on the conveyor belt.

“They used to have a voiceover doing this and it was better,” he said.

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Gogglebox viewers took to Twitter to agree.

* Gogglebox continues on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday. The Generation Game concludes on BBC1 at 8pm tomorrow.