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Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary accuse Phillip Schofield of being ‘rude’ to chef James Martin

Chef James was making soup on This Morning

Gogglebox stars Mary Killen and Giles Wood have accused telly star Phillip Schofield of being ‘rude’.

The shocked couple made the comment as they watched Phillip laughing during a This Morning cooking segment.

TV chef James Martin was making ‘Winter Soup and Cheese Straws’ but it didn’t go smoothly.

Gogglebox Mary and Giles
Gogglebox stars Mary and Giles have accused This Morning’s Phillip Schofield of being ‘rude’ (Credit: Channel 4)

First the star’s pan bubbled over and then the soup sprayed everywhere after the lid on James’ blender came loose.

Tucking into the finished dish, Phillip then told James: “In the top of this soup that I’ve just pretty much eaten, there was like a brown skid mark.”

During Friday night’s episode of Gogglebox (December 4, 2020), shocked Mary remarked: “No, Phil. That was rude.”

James martin makes soup
Phil told chef James Martin there was a ‘skid mark’ in his soup (Credit: ITV)

What did the Gogglebox stars say?

Her husband Giles agreed, adding: “That was rude.”

James was then seen hitting back, telling Phil: “Do you know, I got up at five o’clock in the morning to come here.”

Shrieking with laughter, Gogglebox’s Pete Sandiford said: “And this is the thanks you get!”

Pete Sandiford
Sophie and Pete Sandiford were also stunned by the comment (Credit: Channel 4)

Pete’s sister Sophie added: “Yeah and he wishes he hadn’t bothered!”

James refused to tell Phillip what the so-called “skid mark” was. Gasping, Pete said: “Oh, he’s proper got the hump, hasn’t he?”

Meanwhile, Gogglebox sisters Ellie and Izzi seemed rather keen on knowing what the secret ingredient was.

Ellie asked her sis: “What about the viewers at home? We wanna know.”

Izzi added: “I wanna know how to make James’ skid mark soup.”

James makes soup
James was so angry he refused to say what is was (Credit: ITV)

The awkward incident happened during Monday’s episode of This Morning.

Things began to go wrong after James’s pan of cauliflower and milk bubbled over on the stove.

Phillip teased: “There’s not going to be any left in that pan!”

Thing went wrong when the pan bubbled over (Credit ITV)

James reaches boiling point

After pouring what was left into a blender, Phil and his co-star Holly Willoughby were left in hysterics after James failed to secure the lid.

The soup sprayed up everywhere.

James ranted: “What I’ve got is a director in my ear who is telling me I’ve got seven minutes, now six minutes and then I’ve got five minutes and now one minute apparently!”

Soup sprayed everywhere after James failed to secure the blender’s lid (Credit: ITV)

Laughing, Phil told him: “Yeah but look how you’re using those minutes!”

The This Morning host then proceeded to ask what his “skid mark” was in the soup, which tipped James over the edge.

“I’m not telling you. No, I’m not telling you now. I’m not telling you. Nah. Just eat it,” he snapped back.

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