Stephen Webb on Gogglebox

Gogglebox star Stephen Webb slammed for ‘cruel’ comments to husband Daniel

Did he go too far?!

Stephen Webb on Gogglebox has been slammed for making a rather cruel jibe at his husband Daniel Lustig-Webb.

The hairdresser took a brutal swipe at his hubby as they sat down to watch an episode of Mastermind.

Stephen joked: “They’ll do a version that you can go on. Mini-mind.”

He then erupted in chuckles before adding: “Moron mind!”

stephen webb on gogglebox 2021
Daniel looked embarrassed by Stephen’s ‘jokes’ (Credit: Channel 4)

How did Gogglebox star Daniel react to comments from Stephen?

As he continued to laugh, Daniel looked like he was cringing with embarrassment.

Daniel finally replied: “It will be Divorce Mind in a minute!”

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Failing to join his husband in the laughter, viewers took note of the uncomfortable scene.

stephen webb on gogglebox
Meanwhile Stephen appeared delighted with his jibes (Credit: Channel 4)

What are Gogglebox viewers saying?

Several viewers took to Twitter to share their disapproval of Stephen’s jibes.

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One claimed: “I’m not a fan of Stephen he makes inappropriate offensive comments – it’s not nice. And starts mimicking how people act.”

While another viewer fumed: “He’s a nasty [bleep] to his husband!”

And a third viewer argued: “Can’t believe the way he constantly puts his husband down. Not clever.”

A fourth user claimed: “Can’t stand these two, just grubby contrived innuendo all the time.

“The other Gogglebox members are genuine and nice with their comments. This little madam loves being spiteful and smutty. Just an annoying idiot.”

A fifth agreed: “Couldn’t agree more, time the show got rid of him. He’s not funny except in his own mind.”

What else has Stephen been up to?

Just a few weeks ago viewers said they were left “traumatised” by Stephen’s antics.

The telly star showcased his jodhpurs to Daniel.

The beige-coloured horse riding leggings were extremely revealing.

He proudly said to Daniel: “Putting on my new jodhpurs to show you… look.”

To which he replied: “They’re too big, you look like your sister.”

Daniel pondered: “But don’t they hold my belly in? Look when I put my jodhpur down..”

Viewers couldn’t quite believe their eyes!

One viewer tweeted: “I’m traumatised by those jodhpurs #gogglebox.”

While another viewer complained: “Can’t unsee it now…Thanks, Stephen #Gogglebox.”

And a third viewer lamented: “I really didn’t want to see Stephen in jodhpurs, I saw TOO MUCH.”

A fourth user even claimed: “Omg! I was not ready to see Stephen Webb in a pair of jodhpurs!”

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