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Gogglebox star Mary Killen sparks Ofcom complaints after being accused of ‘racist’ impression

Her impression was controversial

Mary Killen’s impression of Kim Jong-un’s sister on Gogglebox was deemed “racist” by 33 people who complained about it to Ofcom.

Mary made the remarks in Friday’s show (May 8).

All the Gogglebox regulars were watching the news, which showed the North Korean leader back in public after some time away.

Mary told husband Giles Kim Jong-un’s sister was a “James Bond villain” (Credit: Channel 4)

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Pete and Sophie Sandiford expressed sympathy for the dictator.

“Can’t he take a break?” Pete joked.

But Mary Killen was not so kind about the North Korean leader and his family.

She said: “I think what will happen is, if he is dead, and this is fake video, then the sister will just need to put things in place for her to take the reigns.”

Gogglebox families discussed Kim Jon-un’s first public appearance in 20 days (Credit: Channel 4)

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