Gogglebox star Ellie Warner addresses speculation after fans question what was underneath her dressing gown

The Channel 4 star left viewers in the lurch during last week's show

Gogglebox star Ellie Warner has finally revealed what was underneath her dressing gown on the Channel 4 show last week.

The 28-year-old hairdresser left viewers in the lurch as she unveiled her new “lockdown purchase” to sister Izzi.

During the opening sequence, Ellie proudly showed off the mysterious outfit while standing with her back to the camera.

Ellie Warner unveiled a mysterious outfit during last week’s show (Credit: Channel 4)

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What did Ellie Warner say on Gogglebox?

Speaking to Izzi, she said: “I wanted to show you my new lockdown purchase.”

Izzi joked: “I feel like I’m going to be flashed at. You should be wearing a beige mac Ellie, not a leopard print dressing gown.”

The star then opened up her dressing gown, much to the delight of her sister.

Izzi burst into laughter and said: “Christ! Do not keep that… send it back.”

The Gogglebox star showed off her swimming costume on Instagram today (Credit: Instagram Story/ellie__warner)

Fans rushed to social media to comment on what was underneath Ellie’s leopard dressing gown.

One tweeted: “What was Ellie ‘flashing’ at the start of #Gogglebox tonight?!”

A second said: “‘Do not keep that, send it back!’ – what was Ellie wearing?? #Gogglebox.”

Another added: “Just catching up with @C4Gogglebox I want to know what was under Ellie’s dressing gown now from Izzy’s reaction!!!!! @ellieandizzi.”

Ellie left viewers in the lurch with her ‘lockdown purchase’ (Credit: Channel 4)

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What was underneath Ellie’s dressing gown?

It didn’t take long for Ellie to finally unveil what was underneath the gown.

Teasing fans on Instagram Story today (November 30), she said: “My next story will reveal what was underneath the infamous dressing down on Friday’s @C4Gogglebox.”

The next clip showed a pink swimming costume complete with cartoon lobsters.

She added: “It was… a lobster print swimming cozzi. And I’m definitely keeping it. Obsessed.”

Ellie and Izzi Warner Gogglebox
Ellie appears on Gogglebox alongside sister Izzi (Credit: Channel 4)

Ellie and Izzi disgust Gogglebox fans

Back in October, the sisters left viewers disgusted as they discussed their ‘vile’ bathroom habits.

Ellie kicked off the conversation and said: “I don’t get the fear of pooing at work, I just bum pad it and flush straight away.”

Izzi joined: “If I do have to, to the point where I’m touching cloth. Because even when I go at home, I have to tell Gram, ‘Don’t come within six feet of the toilet door’, I go in, lock the door and I put my music on.”

Meanwhile, Ellie took it one step further with her confession and commented: “I poo with the toilet door open, I’ll have a conversation with Nat.”

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