Gogglebox star Mary tells off Giles for swearing

Gogglebox: Mary Killen’s comments to Giles divides viewers

Many viewers found the moment hilarious

Gogglebox star Mary Killen has divided viewers after telling off husband Giles last night.

During Friday night’s episode of the Channel 4 show, Mary and Giles sat down to watch the latest TV.

However, Mary wasn’t impressed with her husband when he said a swear word and didn’t speak to him for 10 minutes.

Gogglebox Giles and Mary clashing on the show
Mary told off Giles on Gogglebox (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened with Mary and Giles on Gogglebox?

While watching Lego Masters USA, Giles tried to explain to Mary about American expressions.

He told her: “Do you know the Americans have got an expression Mary? Shut your ears…”

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However, as Mary went to cover her ears, Giles blurted out: “[Expletive] happens.”

Mary scolded him, saying: “You’re not allowed to swear in this room.”

Gogglebox star Mary tells off Giles on the show
Mary said she wasn’t speaking to Giles for 10 minutes after he swore (Credit: Channel 4)

Giles said: “It’s one word that I think that is Anglo-Saxon,” before spelling out the s-word.

Mary added: “Right I’m not speaking to you again now for ten minutes.”

Meanwhile, Mary told off Giles again after he joked she “looked white as a sheet” as they folded bedsheets.

Giles joked: “You look as white as a sheet Mary. Are you sure you’re feeling well?”

Mary said: “Giles, please, I’m not interested in toddler humour.”

Giles continued: “It’s British humour. Mary, you look as white as a sheet, do you feel alright?”

Giles and Mary on Gogglebox
Some viewers criticised Mary’s comments towards Giles (Credit: Channel 4)

Mary replied: “You won’t be feeling alright in a minute because I’ll be punishing you. Oh Giles, I can’t live with a toddler! You’re a fully grown man. Please stop chanelling a toddler.”

Over on Twitter, people were divided over Mary’s comments.

Some were angered by her telling off, as one said: “Mary needs to chill out and have a laugh rather than acting like a strict head teacher.”

What did Gogglebox viewers say?

Another added: “Wtf is wrong with Mary? Giles is hilarious. Does she not have a sense of humour? Always belittling him.”

A third tweeted: “It used to be Giles that irritated me, now it’s definitely Mary. She picks on him constantly.”

Another said: “Mary is a savage tonight.”

However, others found it hilarious and expressed their laughter.

One said: “Mary has put Giles on the naughty step for swearing, TV gold.”

Another laughed: “Crying laughing when #Giles said to #Mary ‘Do you know ,there’s an American expression Mary? [Bleep] happens.’

“Mary replies, ‘Right I’m not speaking to you for 10 minutes.'”

One wrote: “Mary and Giles are just something else. ‘Right I’m not talking to you for 10 minutes now’ hahahahaha.”

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