Gogglebox stars Gyles and Mary on the show

Gogglebox star Mary sparks complaints from viewers after last night’s show

Was she getting on your nerves?

Gogglebox viewers were not impressed with show regular Mary Killen during last night’s (Friday April 8) show.

Mary, who appears on the Channel 4 series alongside husband Giles Wood, was told to “lighten up” by some fans.

Other viewers of the couch potato critic programme also suggested on Twitter that Mary should ‘calm down’.

Gogglebox star Mary recoils in horror as Giles scoffs an egg
Gogglebox star Mary recoils in horror as Giles scoffs an egg (Credit: Channel4.com)

Gogglebox last night

Seeing Mary scold her husband for his fanciful notions is a big reason for watching Gogglebox for many viewers.

But it seems Mary’s reactions to Giles in the most recent episode turned some viewers against her.

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In particular, her feelings about Open House: The Great Sex Experiment did not chime with everyone making their position known on social media.

And although Mary and Giles’ bickering can be a highlight for some, others weren’t impressed with how she laid into Giles following his latest prank.

Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary speaking on the show
Was Mary a bit OTT? (Credit: Channel4.com)

Open House on Gogglebox

Mary had a particularly vigorous response to the voiceover of Open House which suggested young couples are ‘questioning monogamy’.

Mary was having none of this, choosing to dismiss the claimed reason for an increased interest in threesomes.

“No they’re not. You’re just pretending they are so you can make a programme about perverts,” she wailed.

But that position did not come in for universal agreement on social media.

Mary really is a misery guts ain’t she?

One viewer responded on Twitter: “I mean it is not good look for Gogglebox to include Mary’s comment claiming ‘sexually open relationships’ and those opening their relationship as ‘perverts’.

“People shouldn’t be shamed for opening up their relationships if thats what they want without judgement #Gogglebox.”

Another person gasped: “[Blank]ing hell Mary… Perverts? #Gogglebox.”

And someone else claimed: “I noticed we didn’t get any further ‘live’ reactions to watching #OpenHouse from Giles and Mary. Maybe #Gogglebox producers thought them calling anybody who wants consensual adult sex outside of their marriages ‘perverts’ was more than enough.”

Gogglebox stars Giles and Mary speaking on the show
Mary was accused of having a “sense of humour bypass” (Credit: Channel4.com)

Mary on Gogglebox

Elsewhere in the episode, Mary gave Giles a tongue-lashing after he claimed to have some birds’ eggs in a bowl.

He claimed to have rescued them after a cat destroyed the nest holding them.

But Mary rapidly became furious and accused him of being “childish” as he popped several in his mouth.

The eggs turned out to be realistic-looking Easter ones. But fans were still not impressed with how Mary exploded at Giles.

“Mary has got a complete sense of humour bypass #Gogglebox,” one onlooker tweeted.

Another wrote: “Oh Mary lighten up ffs! #Gogglebox.”

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And a third added: “Mary really is a misery guts ain’t she? Dissing Easter eggs #Gogglebox.”

However, others love watching Mary and Giles on the show as one said: “Watching #openhouse on #gogglebox oh Giles & Mary!” followed by laughing face emojis. 

Another gushed: “I bloody love love love Giles & Mary.”

Gogglebox next airs on Channel 4 on Friday April 15 at 9pm.

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