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Gogglebox Jenny’s reaction to Martin Compston leaves viewers in absolute pieces

Channel 4 fave was fired up this week

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Gogglebox never fails to raise the spirits – but Jenny took things to a new level of joy last night (Friday, March 12).

In fact, it seemed she’d been mainlining ‘outrageous’ juice, and it was utterly delightful.

From her filthy desires for Martin Compston – she wants to talk dirty to him (don’t we all) –  to her reaction to a whopper wanger on Naked Attraction… she had viewers belly laughing and slapping the carpet with glee.

Here’s a little recap – and some breathless fans’ hilarious reactions.

Gogglebox Jenny Lee
Gogglebox fave Jenny has a thing for Martin Compston (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox Jenny x Martin Compston = the hangout we all want to see

So, Jenny and Lee settled on the sofa to watch new ITV drama Our House – which is definitely worth catching if you haven’t seen, btw – and she was particularly excited.

As regular Gogglebox viewers know, Jenny is a big Line of Duty fan and has a particular, let’s say, soft spot for Martin Compston. Her totty, as Lee described him.

Lee thinks it’s a little pervy and told his BFF she is old enough to be his grandmother.

Jenny, 65, protested that she only wanted to talk to him…  adding with perfect comedy timing: “Dirty.”

As Jenny watched on, she cooed: “Ohhh, he’s a lovely man.”

But there was a shock to come as Jenny discovered Martin’s character Bram playing away from home in the garden shed.

“I don’t want anything to put me off you,” she moaned, before adding as she saw him grinding away: “Oh, my, Martin, that’s it now!”

As the drama continued, Bram’s boss made a pass at him, before his estranged wife decided she also wanted a bite, telling him suggestively: “I just thought we could talk.”

“With our tongues,” Jenny added.

She then proceeded to do things with her tongue it’s hard to put into actual words. So let’s get Channel 4’s tweet to do the work…

This is hot on the heels of her wanting Peaky Blinders’ Tommy Shelby to break into a sweat at her house last week as she donned a peaky cap. Might be time to get her patch checked.

Jenny and Lee fooling around on Gogglebox
Jenny gets her hand signal wrong on Gogglebox (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox star Jenny’s gesticulation fail

Jenny and Lee also got stuck into Celebrity Hunted on Channel 4 and it was pretty heart-in-mouth stuff as Iwan Thomas made it to the finishing line with milliseconds to spare before being captured.

As he dived into the helicopter, he taunted the hunter by pointing at his watch. Jenny mistook this for a ruder message though and shook her own fist as Lee looked on aghast.

“W**ker!” Sorry! I thought he was saying ‘w**ker’,” she chuckled.

Special bonus for Jenny not having a clue who Iwan was too. “I wunt know ‘im from t’ winda cleaner,” she chimed.

Jenny cops an eyeful

As the pair watched Naked Attraction, Jenny leant straight into the TV to have a closer look at the yellow pod, whose nude dweller had quite a penis on him.

“She’s straight in there!” Lee gasped at the show’s thirsty picker. “I would be an’ all, I was thinking the same,” Jenny deadpanned.

Then as the dating hopefuls started to do a belly dance, Lee alluded to them thrashing their tackle around.

“That’s what I’ll be looking at, I won’t be looking at their belly and their jewels, I’ll be looking at the other bit,” she added.

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Yes or no

Lee then decided to play a quiz with her, explaining. “All you’ve got to do is not say yes or no.”

He then asked: “Do you like going on holiday?”

Quick as a flash, Jenny replied: “Yes.”

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Dragons’ Den doesn’t add up

Jenny’s maths let her down as she watched some chocolatier hopefuls on Dragons’ Den asking for £90, ooo in exchange for 9% of their business.

Jenny pondered: “So, I’ve got 100 boxes of chocolates, they want 9% of it, they want a box, er, 99… no, 91 boxes, is that what they want?”

Give this dear woman a damehood!

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