Gogglebox Sophie and Pete Sanford

Gogglebox fans in stitches as Sophie and Pete recoil in horror at Naked Attraction episode

Fans of the Channel 4 show crease up at the Sandifords' antics

Gogglebox fans were left chuckling last night at Sophie and Pete Sandiford‘s hilarious reaction to an episode of Naked Attraction.

The siblings, from Blackpool, couldn’t believe their eyes as one of the contestants fled the set after clapping eyes on a naked woman for the first time ever.

Both of them were seen cringing in horror, while Pete turned the air blue with his dumbfounded comments.

And, judging by the reaction on social media, viewers at home found the whole thing rather amusing.

Brian Naked Attraction
The Naked Attraction contestant ended up leaving the studio (Credit: Channel 4)

What happened to Pete and Sophie on Gogglebox?

For those of you who don’t know, Naked Attraction is a Channel 4 dating show in which a clothed contestant has to pick their date from one of six naked hopefuls.

In the episode Sophie and Pete were watching, the contestant was a 23-year-old man named Brian – a self-proclaimed virgin.

As he examined his potential suitors in their birthday suits, he began to feel overwhelmed and ended up hotfooting it out of the studio.

Gogglebox just gets better and better. Pete and his little sister are absolutely brilliant.

The Gogglebox siblings couldn’t believe what they were seeing. First of all, Pete seemed quite sympathetic towards Brian, laughing: “You’ve never seen a [expletive] in your life, and the next thing you know you’ve got six in your face.”

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But with Sophie covering her face with embarrassment, he later scoffed: “This is ridiculous… He’s completely useless about [expletives], ain’t he?”

Pete then told a highly amusing anecdote about the first time he had sex, explaining that he said to his partner: “Do you want to go get a McFlurry?”

Gogglebox Sophie and Pete Sandiford
Sophie and Pete are a big hit with Gogglebox viewers (Credit: Channel 4)

Throwback picture

That sent viewers over the edge, and before long the #Gogglebox hashtag was buzzing.

One fan wrote: “Fancy a McFlurry? Pete on #Gogglebox you are a legend.” 

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Another laughed: “Gogglebox just gets better and better. Pete and his little sister are absolutely brilliant.”

And a third added: “Love Pete and Sophie – so funny.”

Pete celebrates his birthday

Yesterday, Sophie, 23, shared a cute throwback picture of her and her brother when they were kids, to celebrate Pete’s 26th birthday.

She captioned the shot: “Happy birthday to the best big brother in the world!

“May there be many more years that I make you dress up in silly costumes, we laugh, cry and scream our heads off.

“Wherever life takes us, I hope we remain best friends forever. Wishing you all the happiness the world has to offer. Love you our kid.”

The photo has already received more than 28,000 likes.

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