Gogglebox stars stunned by Martin Lewis meltdown

Money-saving expert vented fury over Facebook ads on This Morning

Viewers were in hysterics over the Gogglebox stars’ hilarious reaction to a furious rant by Martin Lewis on This Morning.

The money-saving expert couldn’t hide his outrage on the ITV daytime show this week, when discussing get-rich-quick scam adverts on Facebook that feature his image as a fake endorsement.

And he had the Channel 4 couch potatoes both aghast and falling about laughing when he repeatedly insisted: “I DON’T DO ADVERTS! I DON’T DO ADVERTS!”

The channel-hoppers were left surprised by Martin Lewis’ outburst (Credit: Channel 4)

Martin told hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “What happens is that if you click the advert on Facebook, it then takes you to a fake Daily Mirror page or a fake BBC page or a fake This Morning page, which then has an explanation of how I’ve invested in this company.

“I hate this. It is sickening to me that my name is being used. I don’t do adverts. I don’t do adverts!”

Gogglebox’s Lee told Jenny: “He doesn’t do adverts! Adverts, he doesn’t do!”

Martin vented on This Morning that he’s fed up with seeing scam adverts using his image (Credit: ITV)

The Siddiqui family were all laughing as Phillip Schofield mouthed to camera: “He doesn’t do adverts,” during Martin’s rant.

Baasit warned him: “Sense the tone, Schofield, sense the tone. You’re going to get choked.”

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The Siddiquis see the funny side (Credit: Channel 4)

Phillip Schofield joined the fun by posting on Snapchat as he watched last night’s Gogglebox at home.

He shared screengrabs of crying with laughter emojis during the segment.

Schofe was watching at home (Credit: Snapchat)

Meanwhile, an alarmed Julie Malone said on the show: “Right, we get the message! Chill! Chill, Martin!”

Phillip is clearly a fan of the Siddiqui clan (Credit: Snapchat)

Husband Tom also lost patience and mocked the money expert’s regular advice, saying: “It’s a proper insult to people.”

Imitating Martin, Tom said: “‘How thick are you, pet? You could have got this same one for that if you’d have picked up that coupon, done this, done that, filled in this, texted this number, then done that, rang this person, told them this coupon… you could have saved 10 pence’. Leave it out, Martin!”

Tom Malone with his family (Credit: Channel 4)

Viewers took to Twitter to say how much they loved his reaction.

Goggleboxer Stephen Webb said of Martin Lewis: “Well now you know, if you see his picture on anything, don’t click on it.” His mum replied: “I wouldn’t anyway.”

This Morning hosts Phil and Holly (Credit: ITV)

Viewers joined the channel-hoppers in seeing the funny side.

Facebook said in a statement on This Morning: “We do not allow adverts which are misleading or false on Facebook and have explained to Martin Lewis that he should report any adverts that infringe his rights and they will be removed.”

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* Gogglebox continues on Channel 4 at 9pm on Friday.

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