Gogglebox: The show’s biggest ever scandals as creator Tania Alexander quits

Gogglebox has hit headlines for the wrong times on many different occasions over the years

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Gogglebox has been rocked by a number of scandals since it first launched in 2013.

Fans were stunned this week by the news that creator Tania Alexander has quit the show, with the future of the Channel 4 series called into question by some.

However, fans would do well to remember that the programme has survived plenty of other shocks.

Here’s a look back at some of its most memorable scandals.

Gogglebox star Ellie caused a stir a few times (Credit: Channel 4)

Animal abuse and #MeToo among Gogglebox scandals

Sisters Ellie and Izzi Warner are two of the most familiar faces on the show. But they haven’t been shy when it comes to courting controversy.

They hit headlines in 2019 when some viewers reported Ellie to the RSPCA.

Fans claimed that Ellie was “mistreating” their beloved pet dog, Mick.

I love my dog and would never hurt him.

In the episode in question, Ellie’s dog was knocked off a stool after she swiped him out of the way to stop him eating her dinner.

There was a huge backlash on Twitter, with some even suggesting that the RSPCA should intervene.

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The reality star later apologised for the incident, saying: “Sorry everyone, was scolded by burning hot beans, the foot stool is literally a foot from the floor so Mick was not hurt.

“I love my dog and would never hurt him.”

In another episode, Ellie also once admitted she made up a game of Tag based on the Me Too movement.

She said: “I played Tag not so long ago but we called it Me Too. Basically we had to chase each other and either grab somebody’s boob or bum. And they were then it.”

Her remarks enraged fans, with one saying at the time: “They should be pulled off-air. I don’t offend easily [but] those two are vile.”

Michael family Gogglebox ofcom
The dad of the Michaels family tried his hand at a career in politics (Credit: Channel 4)

Gogglebox star quits for a career in politics

Original family the Michaels quit the show so dad Andrew could run as a UKIP MP in Hastings and Rye.

Fans were stunned at the time, especially considering the family always voiced left-wing views.

However, Andrew’s foray into politics failed at the first hurdle.

As a result, the family later returned to the show.

Sid Siddiqui family Gogglebox
The Siddiqui brothers caused as uproar with an ISIS joke (Credit: Channel 4)

Shocking ISIS joke from Gogglebox favourites

The beloved Siddiqui brothers have become some of the show’s most popular figures.

However, the local police investigated the pair when they uploaded a controversial joke about ISIS to Facebook.

They apologised after it emerged they had posted a snap of themselves wearing army gear with the caption: “ISIS training day, look how happy we look.”

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Following their apology, no further action was taken.

Police said at the time: “We are satisfied that the caption was not intended to be taken seriously, and there was no link to terrorism whatsoever.

“We will be offering suitable words of advice to those who uploaded it. However, no offences have been committed and there will be no further police action.”

Giles and Mary Gogglebox
Some took issue with Mary’s impression of a Korean woman (Credit: Channel 4)

Bizarre ‘racist’ impersonation scandal on Gogglebox

One of the show’s most recent scandals came earlier this year.

Mary Killen stunned some viewers when she did an impression of Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s sister.

Fans slammed the star on social media for being “un PC”, with some calling the impression “racist”.

During the episode, she did an impersonation of Kim Yo-Jong with a fake Korean accent while rolling her eyes back in her head.

Giles laughed, and responded: “That’s a very good imitation, Mary. I’m not sure how PC it is, but that is an excellent imitation.”

Co-creator Tania Alexander has quit (Credit:

Gogglebox creator quits the show

Fans were stunned when co-creator Tania Alexander quit the show midway through its current run.

Her former production company revealed that she had left in order to pursue other paths in her career.

“We wish Tania success with her future projects,” a spokeswoman said.

“Studio Lambert’s deputy creative director, Mike Cotton, will oversee the remainder of this series, along with Gogglebox’s executive producer Leon Campbell.”

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