Gogglebox viewers fed up of cast 'playing up to the cameras' as Channel 4 stars are accused of fake reactions

Gogglebox cast accused of fake reactions and ‘playing up to cameras’ as viewers left unimpressed

Haunted Hospitals thread went down like a lead balloon

Gogglebox cast members have been accused of ‘playing up to the cameras’ by disgruntled Channel 4 viewers.

The stars of the Friday night series had some big reactions to Haunted Hospitals during last night’s (March 18) episode.

But not everybody watching at home was convinced the show’s couch potato critics were behaving genuinely.

Indeed, some viewers – with no evidence – even claimed the Gogglebox cast were encouraged to ‘act horrified’ over the Discovery+ programme.

Gogglebox stars Jenny and Lee
Gogglebox cast favourite had a shock very early on (Credit: Channel4.com)

Gogglebox cast react to Haunted Hospitals

The segment began with Lee Riley having a fright before he and Jenny Newby had even watched more than a few moments of Haunted Hospitals.

That’s because Jenny’s mobile went off and broke the tension just as Lee was steeling himself for some scary moments.

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However, before long, other Gogglebox stars were also jumping out of their skin at the show.

Dave and Shirley were looking forward go Haunted Hospitals - but were wary, too
Dave and Shirley were looking forward go Haunted Hospitals – but were wary, too (Credit: Channel4.com)

Haunted Hospitals includes dramatised accounts from medical professionals about their ghostly experiences.

And one sequence with a ‘possessed’ nurse had several cast members alarmed.

Simon and Jane were on edge
Simon and Jane were on edge (Credit: Channel4.com)

How doubtful viewers reacted

As always, fans watching at home were tweeting along their reactions as the Gogglebox cast reacted themselves.

But multiple viewers were sceptical about how authentic the stars’ fears were.

“Do people really get so animated watching TV? #Gogglebox,” one person asked.

Can’t stand the fake surprise.

Another claimed: “Nobody overreacts to TV programmes quite like the am-dram Goggleboxers! #Gogglebox.”

And a third moaned: “Can’t stand the fake surprise/screaming on this show #Gogglebox.”

Lisa Baggs said she wouldn't be able to sleep after watching Haunted Hospitals
Lisa Baggs said she wouldn’t be able to sleep after watching Haunted Hospitals (Credit: Channel4.com)

‘Please stop’

Others even accused show bosses of encouraging the Gogglebox cast to be OTT.

One person imagined a situation: “Gogglebox Director: I want you all to watch this Haunted Hospital show and I’d like you all to scream, jump out of your skin, and generally act horrified (even though it’s corny old [blank])! 5 4 3 2 1 Action… #Gogglebox.”

The lads in Bristol had a mixed reaction... but mostly seemed amused
The lads in Bristol had a mixed reaction… but mostly seemed amused (Credit: Channel4.com)

And someone else claimed: “@Channel4 #Gogglebox Why have the producers got the Goggleboxers shouting?

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“Some have never shouted, now nearly all shout. This series has overdone the acting, it’s spoiling the attraction to it

“Please stop the shouting!”

Well, it made us laugh!

Gogglebox next airs on Channel 4 on Friday March 25 at 9pm.

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