GMB viewers up in arms as Kate Garraway ticks off acting legend for swearing

Screen star used naughty language twice during interview

Kate Garraway has been targeted by angry viewers after telling off former Game Of Thrones actor Charles Dance live on Good Morning Britain.

The presenter chided the veteran star, 70, after he swore twice during an interview, pointing out that it was a family show.

But her moral stance didn’t sit well with people watching at home, some of whom took to social media to berate the 50-year-old host.

The screen legend’s first tongue slip occurred while he was discussing his Game Of Thrones character, Tywin Lannister, who was shot dead by his son Tyrion in season four.

He described the murderous Tyrion as an “ungrateful little [bleep]”.

And he made another faux pas shortly after, while telling Garraway and fellow host Jeremy Kyle about his appearance on BBC family tree series Who Do You Think You Are?

“How they managed to find all this stuff out from what I was able to tell them was extraordinary,” he enthused.

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“And I’m now able to tell my children a bloody sight more about me than I knew.”

That was the final straw for Kate, who piped up: “Do you know, even with that amazing voice, you can’t keep swearing or people are going to get told off because there’s kids watching.”

Looking slightly embarrassed, Dance replied: “Oh really? Was I swearing? Oh, I’m so sorry.”

But according to some viewers, the actor had nothing to apologise for, and they were quick to berate Garraway for her scrupulous behaviour.

One person tweeted: “I don’t think I would say Charles Dance swore. I certainly wasn’t offended. How ridiculous, Kate.”

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Another commented: “Errrr, did I miss a swear word? Didn’t even notice.”

And a third scolded: “Would rather my kids hear Charles Dance say ‘bloody’ than listen to the bile on the Jeremy Kyle Show. Would’ve never noticed.”

Indeed, what with all the salacious content on Good Morning Britain recently – snogging, stroking and innuendo galore – it does sound like a case of pot calling the kettle black.