GMB viewers slam Ben Shephard for being ‘rude’ during interview

One cross viewer said he needed to learn some manners

Veteran actor and former Stars in their Eyes host Matthew Kelly joined Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid on the GMB sofa this morning to discuss whether pantos were too rude for kids.

It was a good-natured debate, and Matthew had lots to say – but one person who didn’t seem to be listening to the chat at one stage was presenter Ben Shephard, who was checking his phone as Matthew talked.

Was he reading something important? (Credit: ITV)

Ben appeared to risk a quick glance at his newsfeed while Susanna interviewed Matthew, but as ever, eagle-eyed viewers spotted what he was up to.

And they were not happy about it!

“Interview in progress and @benshephard on his mobile phone how rude!!” said one cross viewer, who then added the hashtag: “#teachhimsomemanners”

And another asked: “Bored? That shot of you scrolling through your phone was awkward!”

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But one fan obviously felt the same way about the interview as Ben did.

“Lol,” she wrote. “Checking your phone slyly on the sofa whilst Matthew Kelly is interviewed. #dontblameyou”.

To be fair, he could have been scrolling through Twitter for reaction to the interview, as we often see TV presenters these days reading out viewer comments live on air as they come in.

But it’s not the first time Ben’s phone habit has caused problems live on telly.

Ben, pictured with Susanna, loves his phone! (Credit: ITV)

Back in the spring, he got a surprise when his phone switched to Siri as the GMB presenters were  chatting on air.

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Charlotte Hawkins was talking about golf, when Ben’s phone cheekily said: “I’m sorry, I didn’t quite catch that.”

Maybe start leaving your phone in your dressing room from now on, Ben!