GMB viewers outraged as Charles Bronson’s fiancée admits baby plans with the prisoner

Richard Madeley bravely took Paula to task

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Good Morning Britain viewers were disgusted this morning after hearing that Britain’s most dangerous prisoner, Charles Bronson wants to have a baby.

Bronson is engaged to former Corrie actress Paula Williamson who got a bit of a roasting from Richard Madeley, who’s guest-hosting the ITV breakfast news show.

Richard was talking to Paula about newspaper headlines over the weekend that they’re planning to have a test tube baby because Bronson isn’t allowed any ‘romantic’ visits in prison.

Richard was having none of it when Paula claimed to love the violent serial attacker, blurting out: “No you don’t.”

Paula continued: “I turned 37 last Saturday and the realisation hit me – what if he does spend the next three years in prison?

Charles’ fiancee Paula says she wants his baby (Credit: ITV)

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“We might want to have a baby, it’s something we’ve seriously considered.”

Richard cut in: “You want to have a baby, why don’t you do what a very good friend of mine has recently done and go to a sperm bank?”

Paula explained: “Because I want his baby.”

Richard challenged Paula as to why she would want the criminal’s baby (Credit: ITV)

Viewers were outraged and totally confused about Paula’s love for such a dangerous man.

One tweeted: “#charlesbronson girlfriend on @GMB wow wake up woman the man is dangerous.”

Others couldn’t believe Bronson, who already has one son, could ever be allowed to have kids again: “Saw #GMB and #charlesbronson thinks he should be entitled to have a baby? Surely he should lose any rights whilst in prison #justsaying”

Another outraged tweeter said: “@GMB this woman is seriously deluded, if #charlesbronson is allowed to have a child then I give up on the world.”

Other viewers were just happy to see Richard back to old form. One sounded like she was eating popcorn, relishing the confrontation, writing: “Love it when @richardm56 gets going”

Viewers were pleased to see Richard Madeley giving Paula a hard time (Credit: ITV)

Richard suggested that Bronson might have criminal genes and she could have a mini-Bronson baby with violent tendencies but Paula didn’t agree that her ‘love’ is still a criminal.

Richard couldn’t let it go and as the interview ended he said “yes he is,” pointing to the fact that Bronson had attacked a prison guard only last year.

After the interview aired, viewers gave Richard a pat on the back on Twitter.

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One said: “@GMB@richardm56 this women is deluded, Richard well handled… she needs to realise that he is criminal… meet someone free to have a baby with!”

“@GMB Is she off her head!!! He is disgusting. He’s a thug..he wont change. She knows nothing about him. Well done Richard for giving it to her,” added another.

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