GMB viewers in hysterics as Chris Kamara admits to not wearing trousers

Presenters asked him to prove it

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Viewers and Good Morning Britain presenters – were left in tears of laughter today after Chris Kamara admitted he didn’t have any trousers on.

The truth came to light when Kammy – as he is known – was asked to show off his fitness skills.

“Can’t you do a handstand up the wall or something?” asked presenter Ben Shephard.

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Good Morning Britain challenges Chris Kamara

It happened when the footie legend appeared on Good Morning Britain to talk about the e-sport tournament he has set up.

Also on screen was 73-year-old Rajinder Singh, who has gained a social media making exercises videos for the Sikh community, doing exercises in the background.

Chris had no trousers on (Credit: ITV)

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Getting the giggles

But Chris started to crack up as he revealed he didn’t have any trousers on.

However, co-presenter Ranvir Singh then chanted: “Prove it! Prove it! Prove it!”

But Ben said: “No, no, if he said it, it means it’s true. I take it back.”

Chris amused viewers with his admission on GMB (Credit:

But Chris did not get off lightly.

As a result of his revelation, Ranvir said: “Can I just say, we’ve got 73-year-old Rajinder there, fully-dressed doing exercises and Kammy can’t even be bothered to put his trousers on.”

Ben added: “It’s probably not that he can’t be bothered – it’s that he forgot, that’s the problem.”

Fans took to Twitter to show their approval.

One wrote on Twitter: “The legend of Chris Kamara.”

Another said: “@GMB fantastic!  I’ve really enjoyed this mornings prog, Ben, ranvir, and Chris kamara had me laughing like I’ve not done in months.

“What a refreshing change from that political monster on mon-thurs. welcome back GMB!”

A third added: “@chris_kammy isn’t on TV enough, couldn’t do a handstand because he didn’t have his trousers on, what a legend.”

One tweeted: “@chris_kammy absolutely brilliant on @GMB this morning @benshephard – get some trousers on Kammy!!”

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