GMB viewers divided as polyamorous couple defend relationship with girlfriend

Cathy and Thomas are in a relationship with Nicole

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A polyamorous ‘throuple’ have claimed their three-way relationship shows their son what an “honest relationship” is.

Appearing on Friday’s Good Morning Britain, couple Cathy and Thomas opened up about their relationship with their shared girlfriend Nicole Everett.

Cathy and Thomas, who have been married for 10 years, have been in a relationship with Nicole and they also have a son, who is seven.

The trio are in an open relationship (Credit: ITV)

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Thomas explained that the trio grew up in “destroyed families with divorced parents” and he and Cathy were previously in a polyamorous relationship with two other people before they met Nicole.

Speaking about their son, Cathy said: “He’s never known anything different. He’s grown up in a world where he’s never recognised a monogamous male-female couple as the norm.

“His uncle is gay and married to a man with an adopted child. We’re in a relationship where we show love with other people around him.

“So he’s never known a difference.”

Speaking about being in a polymorous relationship, Thomas said: “We naturally progressed into it. It wasn’t like, ‘this is going to save our marriage’ but it’s definitely made us stronger.

Thomas said the relationship happened naturally (Credit: ITV)

“We have such a strong foundation in me and Catherine’s marriage and we’re not going anywhere, we’re going to go forward together.”

Cathy added: “Divorce is just not an option for us, we will be together in whatever form it takes.”

Cathy said she, Thomas and Nicole are in a “family unit” and her son recognises Nicole as “someone important to us”.

She added: “There’s nobody else in our household but we do date other people.”

Cathy said divorce is “not an option” for her and Thomas (Credit: ITV)

Speaking about the negative reaction they receive over how their polyamorous relationship is affecting their son, Cathy said: “That is the biggest thing and it’s quite hurtful.

“Let’s face it, there’s millions of people doing what we’re doing just not telling each other about it.

“Me and Thomas are rock solid and I think if you can offer a child security based on a relationship that is honest.”

Viewers were divided over the trio’s relationship.

One person said: “I feel sorry for the children that are born in to these types of families. Sure the adults are choosing this lifestyle but what about the kids. I’ve seen #MyFourWives and it’s just very odd to me, a bit creepy. Why multiple women and never multiple men?”

Another wrote: “Feel sorry for the children. COMMITMENT IS A BIG WORD. Obviously they are not big enough to commit.”

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Others defended the relationship.

One person said: “I am actually quite surprised and some of the response was. Who exactly are they hurting in their honest and open relationship? Just because it’s not your thing doesn’t make it creepy or wrong, maybe some if you are just a smidge jealous.”

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