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GMB viewers divided over Dr Hilary Jones’ replacement as he takes break

Dr Hilary is taking a break from the programme

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Viewers of GMB were left divided over Dr Hilary Jones’ replacement today.

Dr Sarah Jarvis filled in for Hilary on Monday’s show (July 20) as he took a well-deserved break from the programme.

Hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway introduced Dr Sarah but some viewers weren’t happy.

GMB Dr Hilary replacement Dr Sarah Jarvis
Viewers of GMB were left divided over Dr Hilary Jones’ replacement (Credit: ITV)

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Ben said: “Hilary is off, he’s got his feet up. Well deserved, Sarah is picking up the slack.”

On the show, Dr Sarah gave her advice on face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

What did she say?

Dr Sarah advised people to use masks with two or more layers and urged to not use joke masks as they won’t protect people against the virus.


She added that reversible masks are okay to use.

Meanwhile, later in the show, Dr Sarah urged Brits to stay at home and try and avoid public transport.

She said: “With all those people getting back on public transport, if it’s going to be safe we need fewer people on public transport.

“That will keep the people who commute safe and the people who work from home safe.

“Of course, we should be getting people back to work but if you’re working from home, why change it?”

Viewers were divided over Dr Sarah, with some wanting Dr Hilary back.

Dr Sarah Jarvis on GMB
Many viewers liked having Dr Sarah on the show (Credit: ITV)

What did they say?

One person said on Twitter: “So now we have @DrSarahJarvis giving differing information on masks from Dr Hilary.

“Dr Jarvis advocates 2/3 layer masks whilst Dr Hilary says any covering is OK.

“This is just another indication of the confusion on masks and their use.”


Another wrote: “Reversible mask? Come on Dr… even you must know that is completely wrong.

“Please don’t tell people to use both sides of a mask.”

A third added: “#GMB come back #DrHillary.”


However, others liked having Dr Sarah on the programme.

One said: “Really liking Dr Sarah Jarvis on Good Morning Britain today.

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“So much more balanced, fair and more interested in giving us facts straight than trying to defend the government, as Dr Hillary would have been doing.”

Another tweeted: “@DrSarahJarvis Delighted, Sarah, that you are on @GMB this week, I trust your words.”

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