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Piers Morgan reveals when he’s back on GMB as viewers brand show ‘dull’ without him

He's been off the show this week after being tested for coronavirus

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TV’s Piers Morgan has revealed he’s back on Good Morning Britain on Monday (May 11) as viewers admitted they are missing him being on the show.

The presenter hasn’t hosted the show since revealing he was being tested for coronavirus after suffering from symptoms.

However, earlier this week, Piers said he tested negative for COVID-19 but has to wait until his doctor says he can return to GMB.

Piers Morgan on GMB
Fans are missing Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

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He told his Twitter followers on Monday (May 4): “UPDATE: My COVID-19 test was negative.

“I was advised to take the test by my doctor after developing possible coronavirus symptoms, and was entitled to do so as a Govt-designated essential worker.”

He added: “I’ll be back on @GMB as soon as my doctor advises I’m OK to return to work.”

Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid on GMB
Ben Shephard has been filling in for Piers on GMB (Credit: ITV)

Ben Shephard has been filling in for Piers on the show alongside Susanna Reid.

However, viewers are begging for Piers to return as they branded the show “dull” without him.

What did Good Morning Britain viewers say?

One person said on Twitter: “@piersmorgan I hope you’re getting better and will soon be back on GMB.

“I never thought I would say this but we miss you and your confronting style. Get well soon your country needs you.”

Piers tested negative for coronavirus but is waiting for advice from his doctor (Credit: ITV)

Another wrote: “Are you back on GMB next week? Don’t think I could watch another week of [Ben Shephard].”

Another added: “Where is @piersmorgan – GMB is dull and too PC without him.”

Piers wrote on Twitter: “Relax everyone, I’ll be back Monday.”

Last week, Piers revealed he was being tested for coronavirus after experiencing a “mild symptom”.

He wrote on Twitter at the time: “On medical advice, and out of an abundance of caution for a mild symptom that arose in past 48hrs, I’ve had a test for COVID-19.

I hope you’re getting better and will soon be back on GMB.

“I won’t be working on @GMB until I get the result back, which should be tomorrow.”

However, Piers received criticism over being tested as some people claimed he isn’t an “essential worker”.

Lord Alan Sugar was one of them and he branded Piers a “hypocrite” in a Twitter rant.

Lord Sugar branded Piers a “hypocrite” over getting a coronavirus test (Credit: SplashNews.com)

The Apprentice star wrote: “@piersmorgan [is] not a Govn-designated essential worker.

“There are nurses, doctors, police, army, train and truck drivers. He deprived real essential workers from a test.

“If this was Hugh Grant, Meghan or other of his enemies like me. He would be howling from the rooftops. HYPOCRITE.”

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Following more criticism from strangers, Piers hit back on Twitter.

One person wrote to the star in a now-deleted tweet: “Essential worker???? My daughter is a nurse – she is an essential worker.”

Piers Morgan hits back

Piers replied: “Your daughter is an infinitely more essential worker than me.

“I was drawing no equivalence.

“Just explaining the Govt’s designated all journalists & broadcasters covering the coronavirus crisis as essential workers too, which is why we can get a test if we show symptoms.”

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