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GMB viewers deliver their verdict on Twitter as Susanna Reid returns from summer break

Some pointed out an annoying habit

GMB viewers took to Twitter today to deliver their verdict as Susanna Reid returned to the show following her summer break.

Susanna and Ben Shephard fronted Good Morning Britain today (September 1).

However, while some said she looked fresh faced and gorgeous upon her return, others pointed out a habit of Susanna’s that they found to be “annoying”.

gmb twitter
Susanna Reid made her return to GMB today as viewers delivered their verdict on Twitter (Credit: ITV)

What did GMB viewers say on Twitter?

The comments started when Susanna and Ben began their interview with Taliban spokesman Dr Shaheen.

Some argued that perhaps Susanna was speaking slowly because English wasn’t his “first language”.

However, others claimed it’s something the GMB veteran has done in the past.

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And more claimed they found her interview style “annoying” and “arrogant” – and that her questions were so long they themselves had forgotten what she was asking by the end of the question.

“Hello, my name is Susanna and I am going to speak to you as if you are five and by the time I have finished you will have forgotten the question,” said one cruel viewer.

“Why does Susanna ask such long and slow questions? Nothing quickfire there,” said another.

“Susanna…reporting…on…important…info…and…still…speaking…like…the…viewers…are…slooooow…and…remedial…rather…annoying…arrogant…and…condescending,” a third commented.

“Susanna speaks like she went to the Captain Kirk school of speech cadence. Weird. Stops. And. Starts,” another mocked.

“The never-ending question, Susanna Reid is back,” said another.

“Why does Susanna Reid take half a day to ask a question?” another asked.

“It’s irritating, she does it all the time,” stated another viewer.

gmb twitter
Susanna and Ben were tasked with interviewing a Taliban spokesman today (Credit: ITV)

‘Susanna, you’re the BEST’

However, others noted the host’s long questions but said she did “very well” when it came to such a tough subject matter.

“We said similar, I had forgotten the question by the time she finished it and English is my first language,” they said.

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However, they added: “Having said that she did very well, directly asking the difficult questions in a calm way not being aggressive.

“Imagine the Morgan idiot doing it,” they added.

Others were thrilled to have the host back on their screens.

“Susanna you are the BEST welcome back!” declared one.

“Susanna looking fresh faced and lovely after her well-deserved summer break,” a third Susanna fan added.

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