Christopher Biggins slammed for comments on GMB about Superman's son

GMB viewers accuse Christopher Biggins of expressing ‘homophobic’ views during Superman discussion

Strong views from both Christopher and viewers

GMB viewers have accused Christopher Biggins of being a “homophobe” after he was asked on to this morning’s show (October 13) to discuss Superman.

The iconic superhero character is getting a 21st-century makeover, with his son Jonathan coming out as bisexual.

However, 72-year-old Christopher said that the move “panders to the woke system”.

Christopher Biggins slammed for comments on GMB about Superman's son
Christopher Biggins appeared on GMB this morning (Credit: ITV)

What happened with Christopher Biggins on GMB?

When asked about his views about the move, Christopher – who is openly gay – shared his opinion.

“If you’re going to do something like this, do something original,” he said.

“Don’t take characters that already exist and make them into something they’re not.

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“I remember years ago in pantomime when the principal boy was a girl.

“And then it was decided that boys watching it needed a character they could get into. And then suddenly men took over that role.

“I think it’s important that we continue to do that and not pander to the woke system, which is what we’re doing.”

Christopher Biggins slammed for comments on GMB about Superman's son
Superman’s son – Jonathan Kent – has come out as bisexual (Credit: ITV)

Christopher’s past in Celebrity Big Brother

Host Richard Madeley said it was entirely plausible that Superman’s son could be bisexual, and asked him: “Why not?”

Christopher replied: “I just find it extraordinary. I do find it bizarre that this is what people want nowadays.

“Why can’t we stick to what we’re given?”

However, viewers couldn’t help but recall Christopher’s controversial stint on Celebrity Big Brother in 2016.

He was booted off the show for using “offensive language” that could cause “widespread offence”.

The Mirror reported at the time that Christopher, during a discussion about homosexuality, said: “I think the worst type though is, I’m afraid to say, the bisexuals.

“What it is is people not wanting to admit they are gay.”

During the chat with fellow housemates, he also called AIDS a “bisexual disease”, something he later apologised for.

How did viewers react to Christopher’s views?

One angry viewer wrote: “Why was Christopher Biggins on @GMB talking about Superman’s son (the new Superman) being bisexual after having made offensive comments about bisexual people in the past?

“Oh, right, because he’s famous and their opinions are far more important than us peasants.”

Another said: “I can’t believe Good Morning Britain had Christopher Biggins on to talk about Superman’s son being bisexual after he made these comments on Big Brother.

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“Wtf were they thinking #GMB.”

Finally, a third commented: “Saddened to see Christopher Biggins on GMB suggesting that the son of Superman should not be gay…

“This is the 21st century and SOS can get his wad off however he pleases.

“I think that CB is just a homophobe.”

However, one viewer defended Christopher by saying: “The insanity of 2021.

“People calling Christopher Biggins homophobic for having an opinion.”

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