Ranvir Singh and a kitten on GMB today

GMB fans erupt on Twitter over controversial debate on Government benefits for PETS

With the cost of living rising, there are fears for the nation's pet…

A GMB debate came under fire from viewers on Twitter earlier today (July 14) as hosts Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh discussed the idea of a pet allowance from the government.

The pair explained that a GMB poll has found almost half of Brits support the idea of a pet allowance – or benefit from the government – to help owners struggling look after their animals.

Posting on Twitter, GMB revealed that “all around the country, record numbers of pets are being abandoned every week”.

The hosts then asked: “So should we introduce a pet allowance?”

Ranvir Singh hosting on GMB
Ranvir Singh hosted the debate alongside Ben Shephard today (Credit: ITV)

GMB debates government pet allowance

Owner of Cat Rescue UK Flavia Corfini said “we are in exceptional circumstances” and a pet benefit could save an animal’s life.

She also conceded that “as a pet owner, of course you’re responsible and you should be in a position financially to look after that pet”.

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She added: “However, we are in exceptional circumstances with a rise in the cost of living, which is really driving a lot of this.

“The risk is pet owners may get so desperate that they may abandon their pets because they cannot find space in a rescue or they can’t rehome them.”

Man holding a white kitten on GMB today
With the cost of living rising there are fears pets could be abandoned (Credit: ITV)

‘I’d support an animal NHS service’

GMB viewers on Twitter were pretty divided over the debate.

Some thought the government should step in and help – after all, pets are members of the family.

Others weren’t so kind, though, and couldn’t believe what they were watching.

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There should absolutely be a pet benefit, not everyone can have kids or wants them, yet taxpayers have to foot the bill for other people’s kids regardless,” said one viewer.

Animals shouldn’t suffer in pain because owners can’t afford to pay the vet bills.

“I also think vets charging the prices they do for pet care is disgusting. I would pay extra in taxes if we had something like an animal NHS service.

“Animals shouldn’t suffer in pain because owners can’t afford to pay the vet bills,” said a second.

“If you already have pets and your circumstances change then fair enough,” said one. “But don’t buy a pet if you can’t already afford it.”

Benefits for pets: ‘Is this for real?’

Others staunchly opposed the introduction of what they called “government benefits” for pets.

“‘Should pets receive government benefits?’ Is this for real?!” they asked.

“Am I living in a parallel universe?” asked another.

“GMB today are debating introducing benefits for pets/pet owners Yet, people are going to food banks, can’t pay bills, are getting their kids to miss meals .

“GMB this is ridiculous, get your priorities right,” said another.

“A benefit for pets isn’t the best idea. I’m afraid if you own pets it’s a luxury. I own two cats and yes the food has gone up but I wouldn’t expect anyone else to be paying for them,” said another.

GMB fans ‘despair’ as they react on Twitter

“Good Morning Britain currently running a discussion on should pets receive benefits, get a [bleep]ing grip you absolute melts,” said another.

“Benefits for people with pets? That’s madness, so again middle earners suffer and those on benefits can have kids, animals and much more and everyone else pays? I do not agree with this,” slammed another.

Benefits for pets?! Jesus the lefties really have gone mad, I despair!

“NO they shouldn’t! There should be some sort of test people have to take before being allowed to have kids OR pets! If you can’t afford them then font have them!

“There’s THOUSANDS of job vacancies GO GET ONE!” another slammed.

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