Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid on GMB today

GMB host Susanna Reid steps in as Richard Madeley suffers awkward gaffe

Richard had a moment to forget

GMB host Susanna Reid was forced to step in today as Richard Madeley suffered an awkward gaffe live on air.

The duo returned to present Good Morning Britain together today – but it took less than an hour for something to go wrong!

Richard Madeley looks serious on GMB today May 23, 2022
Richard had a moment to forget today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB today?

Richard’s gaffe came during a segment where they were discussing a new documentary.

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The documentary is about the threats received by MPs.

Labour MP Kim Leadbeater appeared on the show – via Zoom – to discuss the new documentary.

The subject of the documentary is very close to home for Leadbeater as her older sister, Jo Cox, a Labour MP, was murdered back in 2016.

Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid speaking to camera on on GMB today
Richard and Susanna hosted the show today (Credit: ITV)

Richard Madeley on GMB

The 66-year-old then went on to introduce Kim Leadbeater – but at the wrong time!

Richard didn’t realise that they needed to show a clip from the documentary first before speaking to Leadbeater.

Luckily Susanna was on hand to help out.

“Kim is taking part in a documentary that airs later tonight where MPs discuss the very real dangers of what they face and even the number of people now in prison because of the threat,” Richard said.

“And now Kim joins us from…” he began before Susanna interrupted him.

“No, let’s just have a look, let’s have a look,” she said.

“Ah yes let’s have a look at the doco,” an embarrassed Richard said.

Richard Madeley talking on GMB today May 23, 2022
Richard angered viewers last week (Credit: ITV)

Good Morning Britain news

The GMB presenter’s blunder comes just days after he managed to anger a large number of GMB viewers.

During Tuesday’s show (May 17), Richard and Susanna hosted a debate about Tory MP Rachel Maclean’s comments.

Maclean said that people struggling during the cost of living crisis should consider working longer hours or getting better paid jobs.

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“Do you think that she has got a point?” Richard asked at one point during the debate. “That we are too quick as a society, largely because of social media to jump on the heads of people who are going into areas that are controversial but some people say need saying.

“In other words ‘God helps people who help themselves’. It’s an old saying but it has a degree of wisdom to it, hasn’t it?”

Viewers were furious, with some branding him “insensitive”.

“Richard is out of touch saying we should pray should pray to God for money,” one viewer ranted.

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