Richard Arnold on GMB today

Richard Arnold confirms ‘tension’ with GMB co-star as they clash during today’s show

Richard had had enough of being interrupted

GMB today (Tuesday, July 19) saw tensions rise between Richard Arnold and his co-star.

Richard wasn’t happy with Ed Balls during the show today – and for good reason!

Richard Arnold on GMB today
The entertainment correspondent lost his rag with his co-stars (Credit: ITV)

Richard Arnold loses it on GMB today

There was a very awkward moment between Richard and his co-star, Ed, on today’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

The clash came during a discussion about Love Island.

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Ranvir Singh and Ed intiailly appeared to ignore Richard as they spoke about the drama that happened following Movie Night on the hit ITV2 dating show.

They also spoke about how reality shows hold up a mirror to society and promote “worrying trends”.

All the while, Richard was sitting at the other end of the desk, being ignored.

Ed Balls looking shocked on GMB today
Ed was surprised when Richard snapped at him (Credit: ITV)

Richard and Ed’s awkward moment on GMB today

Eventually, Ranvir turned to Richard and asked: “What is going on on Love Island, from your point of view, what is being exposed?”

“Well I’ll bring you up to speed if you’ll let me and I’ll bring you up with the nitty gritty of it,” Richard sniped.

Ed wanted to join in on the discussion though and interrupted Richard. “Movie Night was not a good night for the boys was it?” he asked.

“Well you’ve practically done all the item, Edward,” Richard snapped. Looking shocked, Ed said: “It wasn’t me, I want to see the clips.”

“Enough about the tension here on the Good Morning Britain desk,” Richard continued. “Can we crack on with it? I’ll speak if you let me. Thanks.”

Ed Balls, Ranvir Singh, Richard Arnold on GMB today
Ed Balls and Richard Arnold came to blows (Credit: ITV)

Viewers react to awkward moment

Some viewers of the show were shocked at the awkward moment between Richard and his co-stars on today’s show.

“Richard Arnold throwing pure passive-aggressive vibes to everyone for ruining his Love Island moment….,” one viewer tweeted.

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“Ranvir looking a little sour after Richard said – I’ll tell you , if you let me,” another laughed.

“That’s her told,” a third said of Ranvir.

“What’s the passive aggression about this morning,” another tweeted.

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