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Kate Garraway under fire for blunder during GMB interview

Kate's question didn't go down well, with viewers or the guest

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On GMB today, Kate Garraway has come under fire for a question she asked a guest on the show.

Viewers branded the 54-year-old presenter’s question “insulting” and a “new low” as they took to Twitter to slam her.

What happened on GMB today?

dr shola on good morning britain today
Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu spoke about cancel culture today (Credit: ITV)

Kate and her co-host, Ben Shephard, welcomed Leo Kearse and Dr. Shola Mos-Shogbamimu onto the show to discuss cancel culture.

The discourse surrounding the subject comes after what Davina McCall said during her appearance on Rylan Clark‘s podcast earlier this week.

The 54-year-old said that it’s “weird” to “cancel” someone over something they tweeted 10 years ago.

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She said that people’s opinions are allowed to change, and they shouldn’t be cancelled for views they had in the past.

Kate and Ben discussed this topic with Leo and Dr. Shola during the show.

“Forgiveness is good,” Dr. Shola said. “But forgiveness does not absolve you of consequence.”

She went on to explain that people’s opinions can change, but “if an apology was all that was required, we would not have prison”.

Kate Garraway’s “insulting” question

kate garraway and ben shephard on GMB today
Kate’s question had many wincing (Credit: ITV)

Earlier in the show, however, Kate had a seriously awkward blunder that left many at home either cringing or fuming.

As the GMB host attempted to introduce Dr. Shola with her full name, she stumbled over her words, messing up the activist’s surname.

“Let me do that again,” she said, before giving up completely.

“Dr. Shola, you say your surname because I’m useless this morning,” she said.

Dr. Shola replied by saying: “Ok, so read it phonetically. I’m not going to let you get away with that. Read it phonetically. Pronounce it as you see it.”

Kate then attempted to say the doctor’s name, who then applauded her.

“By the way, I always stumble like that over Smith, so, you know, it’s nothing to do with anything else, I just struggle to get my words out most mornings,” Kate explained.

What did Good Morning Britain viewers say today?

GMB today jan 28
Viewers were divided (Credit: ITV)

Many viewers of the show were less than impressed with the presenter’s behaviour and took to Twitter to slam her.

“Wow Kate… a new low not pronouncing a guests surname,” one said.

“OMG did Kate really do that? I can’t say your surname!! How insulting!” a second incredulous viewer tweeted.

“For a presenter who must get paid a few hundred thousand a year, you would think Kate would have the professional courtesy to practice the surname of a guest beforehand if she knew she would struggle with it. Rather than ‘I can’t be [bleep], introduce yourself Shola!'” another said.

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Some viewers praised Dr. Shola for making Kate attempt to pronounce her name properly.

“I’m glad she did that and stood her ground – you better try to pronounce her name sis!” one said.

Others defended Kate, as one said: “Kate Garraway has trouble getting her words out at the best of times.”

Another wrote: “Poor Kate I was cringing as it was innocent.”

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