GMB doctor and Boris Johnson

GMB today: Doctor accuses Boris Johnson of ‘lying’ about Government’s coronavirus efforts

She fumed that he 'doesn't even brush his hair'

A doctor on GMB today has accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of telling Brits what they want to hear instead of the truth, as the UK’s coronavirus death toll continues to rise.

On today’s (Thursday, January 28) episode of the ITV daytime show, hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid chatted with NHS doctor Rachel Clarke, who claimed the PM was failing to show leadership.

Tragically, the UK’s death toll from the deadly bug recently passed 100,000.

And speaking at Downing Street, the PM told the public he took “full responsibility” for the government’s actions. He said: “We truly did everything we could… I’m deeply sorry for every life lost.”

boris johnson wearing a mask
The UK’s coronavirus death toll recently passed 100,000 (Credit:

What did the doctor say on GMB today?

After Good Morning Britain presenter Ben asked how Rachel feels when she hears Boris claim he and his government have done everything they can during the pandemic, she said it “sickens” her.

She said on the programme: “I was absolutely sickened when I heard him say that because it was patently and obviously a lie.”

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Rachel claimed that Boris did not lock the country down promptly when the virus first arrived, or close the borders or protect care homes.

Doctor Rachel Clarke slammed the Prime Minister on Good Morning Britain (Credit: ITV)

She also said that, in her view, the Prime Minister “threw vulnerable people to the wolves in care homes”.

Dr Rachel continued: “He didn’t do any of the things first time around that could have helped and worse, he repeated the same mistakes second time around.”

Speaking further, she said doctors have to wrestle with the difficult task of telling people their loved ones are dying.

He didn’t do any of the things first time around that could have helped.

“We can’t shirk that, that’s leadership,” she said. “That’s being tough and doing a good job.”

She accused the PM of telling people what they want to hear, rather than the truth (Credit: ITV)

Doctor slams Boris Johnson for not brushing his hair

She went on to slam Boris for not making more of an effort with his appearance during the Downing Street press conferences or debates in Parliament.

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Dr Rachel fumed: “Boris Johnson stands up in front of the cameras and he doesn’t even have the decency to brush his hair and he looks the country in the eye and he doesn’t tell the truth.

Boris Johnson
Boris Johnson apologised for every coronavirus death (Credit: ITV)

“He tells us what he thinks we want to hear, what’s popular, instead of what’s right, and I can’t forgive him for that, because that failure of character is costing tens of thousands of lives.”

ED! contacted the Prime Minister for comment.

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