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GMB today: Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid under fire over interview with sister of girl killed by Colin Pitchfork

They were accused of trying to make Lynda Mann's sister cry

The sister of murdered Lynda Mann appeared on GMB today, a day after the man who killed her was released from prison.

Colin Pitchfork was the first person convicted of murder using DNA profiling back in 1988.

He raped and murdered two 15-year-old girls – Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth – and was sentenced to life in prison.

However, despite assurances at the time that life would mean life, yesterday (September 1), he was released from prison.

And Sue Gatrick, the sister of Lynda Mann, appeared on GMB today to speak about her sister’s murder – and her killer’s release.

GMB today
Lynda Mann’s sister Sue Gatrrick was interviewed on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB today?

Sue appeared on the show to chat to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid.

Her identity was protected and she sat with her back to the cameras so that her face wasn’t shown.

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However, the show’s hosts were criticised on Twitter over the interview, with some suggesting that the presenters were trying to make Sue cry.

Others commented on the slow nature of the interview, calling it a “car crash”.

GMB today
Colin Pitchfork was released from his prison life sentence yesterday (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say?

Omg that interview was painful!” declared one viewer.

“Actually it wasn’t an interview at all, that poor woman talking about Colin Pitchfork’s release was left to flounder. Awful,” they added.

“Susanna Reid all you wanted was to make that poor woman cry – you should be ashamed of yourself.”

“The way they are trying to make this poor woman cry. It’s actually excruciating watching it,” another commented.

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“Why do they keep staring silently then ask another question?” another asked.

“Bloody hell please move on, this interview is appalling,” another viewer commented.

“Car crash interview on so many levels!” said another.

“Bless you Lynda’s sister. I want to cuddle her,” another viewer said.

Commenting on the fact that Ben and Susanna pressed Sue on the row she had with her sister the last time they saw each other, they added: “These questions are just horrid and not well thought out at all.

“Thanks Susanna rubbing in the LAST ROW.”

“What if… Yeah cheers Ben,” said another. “If we didn’t row she’d have stayed home, totally my fault, ta,” another added.

GMB today
It’s said that Pitchfork has gone straight into hiding (Credit: ITV)

GMB today: ‘A sensitive and tactful interview’

However, others said they felt sorry for the presenters when it came to interviewing guests over such a difficult subject matter.

“I feel sorry for presenters like @benshephard and @susannareid100 trying to carry awkward interviews,” said one viewer.

“Mind you, it can’t be easy being interviewed on live TV if you’ve no experience and such a difficult subject matter. Thinking of Linda and Dawn’s families,” they added.

Another praised Susanna’s interview with Lynda’s bereaved sister.

They said: “An emotionally drained Susanna conducting a sensitive and wholly tactful interview.

“Well done.”

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