Quentin Letts on GMB was taken to task by Susanna Reid after admitted he broke COVID rules

GMB: Susanna Reid clashes with ‘shameful’ guest as he ‘proudly’ admits breaking COVID lockdown rules

You tell him Susanna!

GMB host Susanna Reid took a guest to task on this morning’s show (Thursday December 2) after he admitted being “proud” of breaking COVID lockdown rules.

And it wasn’t just Susanna – viewers called his admission “shameful”.

Quentin Letts on GMB was taken to task by Susanna Reid after admitted he broke COVID rules
Quentin Letts on GMB today (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB this morning with Susanna Reid and Quentin Letts?

On this morning’s edition, hosts Ben Shephard and Susanna welcome in former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and political commentator Quentin Letts.

Discussion turned to headlines that suggested that some Christmas parties within the Westminster bubble took place… despite a nationwide lockdown.

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Host Ben made the point that a lot of people cancelled their Christmas to follow the guidelines.

“Quite a lot of us were disobeying the rules last year as well, a lot of people were,” Quentin replied.

And that’s when Susanna jumped into action.

Quentin Letts on GMB was taken to task by Susanna Reid after admitted he broke COVID rules
Susanna wasn’t having any of it (Credit: ITV)

“I think people have just had enough”

“Hang on Quentin, you can proudly say you were breaking the rules?” GMB host Susanna Reid asked.

“Yeah,” he replied.

Susanna added: “There were people breaking the rules and being fined and scrutinised for it.”

“Yeah, and it was monstrous,” he said.

She continued: “For them or for people who could not go and see people who were sick in hospital, who could not be with their families at Christmas, for somebody to say well I was breaking the rules it was all fine, and for that person to be in No 10 is outrageous.”

His reply? “I think many people were, and I think it’s been happening all along. I’ve written a book about this… stop bloody bossing us about.

“I think people have just had enough.”

How did viewers react to GMB host Susanna Reid?

Viewers rushed on to Twitter to express their anger and Quentin’s flagrant disregard for the rules during Christmas 2020.

One fumed: “#GMB – shameful that Quentin Letts defends breaking rules last year.”

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Another exclaimed: “Quentin Letts is a f****** idiot – why do #GMB have him on. Self-entitled twit.

And the strong opinions continued, with one saying: “@GMB Typical Quentin Letts conflating rules and guidelines for dramatic effect and sound bites. Imbecile. #GMB.”

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