Shamima Begum on GMB this morning

GMB: Shamima Begum interview divides viewers as she apologises to Brits

It was her first ever live UK TV interview

GMB viewers were divided this morning (Wednesday September 15) when exiled former IS member Shamima Begum sensationally appeared on the show.

It was the first time the controversial former British citizen has appeared on UK TV in a live interview.

Shamima Begum on GMB this morning
Shamima Begum on GMB this morning (Credit: ITV)

Shamima Begun on GMB today

The 22-year-old left east London with two other schoolgirls to travel to Syria and join Islamic State when she was 15.

Since then her British passport and citizenship have been revoked.

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Speaking from a detainee camp in Syria wearing a baseball cap and grey vest, Shamima asked the British people for forgiveness.

She said: “I know it’s very hard for the British people to try and forgive me because they have lived in fear of Isis and lost loved ones because of Isis.

“But I also have lived in fear of Isis and I also lost loved ones because of Isis, so I can sympathise with them in that way.”

Shamima Begum on GMB this morning
Shamima apologised to the British people (Credit: ITV)

Interviewed by Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid, Shamima said she ran away to Syria in the hope of leading a “pure Islamic life”.

“The reason I came to Syria was not for violent reasons,” she explained.

“At the time I did not know it [IS] was a death cult, I thought it was an Islamic community I was joining.

“I know it is very hard for them to forgive me but I say from the bottom of my heart that I am so sorry if I ever offended anyone by coming here, if I ever offended anyone by the things I said.”

How did viewers react?

The sensational interview immediately drew strong responses from viewers on Twitter.

Some couldn’t believe that she was given any air time at all.

One fumed: “Why on earth are @GMB giving Shamima Begum air time?????

“She made her choice when she left England. Why the F should we give her a 2nd chance???

“Honestly let her stay there and live with her consequences. No way should she EVER be allowed to step foot in England again. #gmb.”

Another said: “@GMB @susannareid100 you’re the one giving Shamima Begum special treatment by continually giving her air time, not @sajidjavid!!! #gmb #shamimabegum.

“She is a terrorist & a National security risk in a Nike baseball cap #ffs stop pumping her story.”

However, some viewers took a different view.

One said: “Whatever Shamima did, she was groomed and radicalised.

“How does someone psychologically manipulated have sense of wrongdoings, that are solely the product of grooming?

“May lack emotion due to trauma. [Definitely] saw human side when she spoke of 3 children she lost #shamimabegum #gmb @GMB.”

What did Piers Morgan have to say about it all?

Another who commented was former host Piers Morgan.

Outspoken Piers wrote on Twitter: “Just as well I’m not interviewing this lying, snivelling, cold-hearted, self-serving ISIS bride monster or I’d have seriously lost my temper by now.

“Begum should never be allowed back to Britain. Let her rot in the terror bed she made for herself.”

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Whether he would’ve lost his temper or not, viewers wished at was Piers interviewing her.

“Wish @piersmorgan had conduct of this interview with Shamima #GMB,” one wrote.

Another said: “Like him or loath him you can’t deny that @piersmorgan would’ve been perfect to host an interview with #ShamimaBegum #GMB is really missing its fire right now!”

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