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GMB fans brand Sadiq Khan interview ‘painful to watch’ after Piers Morgan ‘rips him apart’

The London Mayor hit back at the Good Morning Britain host

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Sadiq Khan gave a disastrous interview on Good Morning Britain today (May 21).

Those tuning in said that the London Mayor’s appearance was “painful to watch” as he was grilled by Piers Morgan.

Sadiq Khan GMB

Sadiq Khan ‘ripped apart’ by Piers Morgan

After the GMB host pointed out that 29 London bus drivers have died from COVID-19, Sadiq offered his thoughts and prayers.

But Piers was less than impressed by his response.

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He fumed: “I don’t think they want your thoughts and prayers, Mr Mayor.

“You assured people in London that you were doing everything to protect them…You didn’t protect them. They carried on dying.”

In total 43 TFL workers have died from COVID-19.

Despite this, Sadiq insisted that it is safe to travel on public transport as long as people socially distance.

Piers Morgan GMB

Sadiq hits back

Shocked by his comments, Piers told the London Mayor he should be doing more.

He said: “No one is keeping two metres away on your system. You know that and I know that.

“You’re saying that’s what’s happening and that it’s safe but it’s not happening and it’s not safe.

“For people that work on public transport, it’s becoming a lethal death trap.”

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After accusing Sadiq of refusing to take accountability, the Mayor attempted to explain himself.

“You’ve got be fair,” he said.

“I’m trying to answer your questions honestly. You’ve asked me questions and I am trying to respond.

“The buck stops with me, I’m the Mayor of London. One of the reasons I’m calling for a public enquiry is for all of these issues to be examined.

Sadiq Khan GMB (Credit: ITV)

GMB fans respond

Despite the heated exchange, Piers praised Sadiq for agreeing to come on the show to be interviewed.

However, viewers watching Sadiq’s interview at home branded it a car crash.

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Taking to Twitter afterwards, one wrote: “Piers Morgan absolutely snapping sadiq Khan in half on gmb this morning, painful to watch.”

Another then added: “#GMB hahaha sadiq Khan is so fkd in this interview lol he has no answer for his incompetence.. nice 1 piers .. susanna was no good.”

Moments later, a third tweeted: “Sadiq Khan getting ripped apart by Piers Morgan on GMB.”

Shortly after, a fourth commented: “Another Fantastic interview, holding the @MayorofLondon to account.

“Forcing him to accept & justify HIS decision to enforce the punitive and inordinate increase in congestion charges.

“Shame on you Sadiq Khan. Thank you Piers & Susanna.”

However, some criticised Piers’ aggressive interviewing technique.

“After that Sadiq Khan interview on @GMB with Piers Morgan I now understand why Tory politicians wont go on, it’s pointless,” one tweeted.

“No information to help the viewers, just accusations and constant interruptions before an answer has been given.”

Moments after, another added: “Wow!! I understand why government ministers won’t go on GMB. Piers made mincemeat of Sadiq Khan as he would any minister that dared to appear.”

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