GMB: Richard Madeley angers viewers after ‘mocking men who cry’ as he discusses Sir Keir Starmer

'I really thought Richard Madeley had a heart'

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Richard Madeley has angered GMB viewers after “mocking” Sir Keir Starmer’s emotional appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

The Labour leader broke down in tears on the ITV show as he opened up on the devastating death of his mother.

Despite his heartbreak, Richard called it “embarrassing” after the MP got emotional.

Richard Madeley has been slammed for ‘mocking men who cry’ on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What did Richard Madeley say on GMB?

Richard, 65, was joined by co-presenter Susanna Reid on the show today (June 15).

At one point, the pair interviewed Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Jonathan Ashworth.

Richard said: “Were you embarrassed by his appearance on the Piers Morgan programme? Because my toes curled.”

Going on a talk show really and crying – it was odd

The Labour politician replied: “No, I thought it was excellent.”

Furthermore, Richard went on to say: “But seriously, it was a bit embarrassing to see the leader of the opposition, Her Majesty’s opposition…

“He’s got quite a lot on his plate at the moment and a lot to do as I was saying in that previous question.

Richard and Susanna spoke to Jonathan Ashworth on the show (Credit: ITV)

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“Going on a talk show really and crying – it was odd.”

Mr Ashworth disagreed with Richard as he stood firm against the host.

And viewers appeared to agreed!

How did GMB viewers react?

Fans of the show were left reeling at home.

Taking to Twitter, one wrote: “@GMB according to Richard Madeley, it’s wrong for men to go on TV and cry. Very disappointed in your program today.

“It’s difficult for men to discuss mental health at the best of times but you have just helped push the conversation back a little.”

A second said: “Yet again @GMB and ITV mental health campaigns turn out to be cynical virtue signalling as Richard Madeley mocks men who cry.”

In addition, a third tweeted: “No one has the right to tell you you shouldn’t cry over the death of a loved one. I really thought Richard Madeley had a heart.”

Another commented: “Really disappointed in your programme this morning. @ITV is an advocate for Mental Health to get people talking. Yet, Richard Madeley says it’s wrong for a guy to cry over the death of his mother. People need to realise what’s in their heart or how do they heal.”

‘I really thought Richard Madeley had a heart’

A fifth shared: “According to Richard Madeley you’re an ’embarrassment’ if you cry whilst opening up about your dad dying. What a [bleep].”

Furthermore, a sixth added: “It is vital that we start to welcome men’s feelings beyond anger & pride.

“Men have a wide range of feelings and refusing to allow them to be shown is what breaks men, which affects their families, friends & colleagues. Weeping men are still men.”

Another stated: “Had a cheek to call him toe curling. The irony.”

However, one appeared to love Richard on the panel today.

They shared: “I really would love for Richard Madeley to permanently replace Piers on @GMB. He is much better to watch over breakfast each morning #keeprichardmadeley.”

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Meanwhile, it comes shortly after Richard annoyed fans over mentioning his son Jack’s wedding.

The presenter brought up his son’s upcoming nuptials on the show again on Monday.

Taking to Twitter at the time, one viewer complained: “In case you didn’t know Richard Madeley’s son is getting married. OMG #enoughalready.”

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