GMB host Susanna Reid looking puzzled wearing red

Viewers want GMB regular banned as he ’shows his true colours’

Twitter erupted over his comments about Saudi Arabia

GMB viewers have called for one of the show’s regular contributors to be banned after he “showed his true colours”.

The calls were made on social media this morning (March 16) after Richard Madeley and Susanna Reid hosted a debate on the UK’s plan to buy its oil and gas from Saudi Arabia.

Susanna explained: “We can’t rely on Russia for energy so we’re going to Saudi for it.”

Debate on GMB
The debate raged early on today’s GMB (Credit: ITV)

What happened on GMB today?

Richard and Susanna welcomed the Daily Mail’s consultant editor Andrew Pierce and Kevin Maguire from the Daily Mirror to GMB.

Pierce – an avid Conservative – went up against Maguire, and even Susanna seemed a little shocked at the exchange.

With Boris Johnson visiting Saudi Arabia, he was accused of “turning a blind eye to war crimes by Saudia Arabia in the Yemen” by Kevin Maguire.

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Asked where he would rather the UK gets its energy, he replied that he wanted to “resume trade with Russia” once the war is over.

Pierce commented: “Really, when they’re murdering Ukrainian children?”

“But look what’s happening in Yemen,” Susanna said.

“Saudi Arabia has supported that civil war, as has Britain, as have about 11 other countries including the United States,” countered Pierce.

He added: “I’m afraid there’s bad and there’s evil. Russia is evil, Saudi Arabia is not as evil.”

Andrew Pierce on GMB in a suit
GMB viewers have pleaded with the show not to book Andrew Pierce again (Credit: ITV)

‘Pick your wars and pick your victims’

It was then that things took even more of a turn between the two guests.

“Do you look away, is that because they’re brown kids? Is that because they’re Muslim kids?” Maguire asked.

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“If you carry on with Russia putting up oil prices as much as they are you’re bankrolling Putin’s war,” said Pierce.

“Every time we’re buying gas and oil from Russia, we are bankrolling their war.

“It’s better to buy from Saudi Arabia than Russia because it’s supporting the war in Ukraine.”

“So again, just come back,” said Maguire. “So you condemn Putin for killing children, bombing hospitals”

“I do,” said Pierce.

“But you don’t condemn Saudi Arabia?” Maguire asked.

“It’s pick your wars and pick your victims,” said Susanna.

“I’ve picked them,” Pierce declared.

GMB host Susanna Reid looking puzzled wearing red
Susanna’s face pretty much said it all during the dispute (Credit: ITV)

‘Good luck Boris!’

Susanna then explained that 81 people were executed in Saudi Arabia in just one day.

“You do business with America and they’ve got the death penalty. What’s the difference?” asked Pierce.

“Saudi Arabia is a country without fair trials,” said Maguire.

Pierce, however, was left unconvinced and, as Richard moved the debate on, he threw his weight behind the Prime Minister.

“Good luck Boris, come on Boris,” Pierce declared.

Richard Madeley hosting GMB in a suit
Richard Madeley also chipped in with the debate (Credit: ITV)

How did GMB viewers react?

There weren’t many viewers on Twitter who shared Andrew Pierce’s views, it has to be said.

“Andrew Pierce really is obnoxious. Selfish I’m alright Jack. Bin him off,” said one, tweeting the show.

“‘There’s bad and there’s evil. Russia is evil. Russia is evil and Saudi Arabia is not as evil,'” mimicked another.

“A sickening defence of the hundreds of thousands dead in Yemen by Andrew Pierce,” they added.

“Wow, just wow,” said a third.

“Pierce is just totally shameless,” said another.

“Listening to Andrew Pierce @GMB is bad enough, but his defence of a murderous totalitarian regime in Saudi Arabia is hideous.

“The Saudis execute people without trial, how anyone can defend this nation considering its appalling human rights record is shameful,” they added.

“Andrew pierce on #gmb is a idiot,” said another.

“Kevin Maguire is the only one talking sense. Shouting ‘Go Boris’ like he’s a messiah,” they added.

The death toll in Yemen is over 100,000. How dare Andrew Pierce say Russia is worse than them?” another commented.

“The sheer desperation of Andrew Pierce comparing Saudi Arabia mass executions with the death penalty in America. Get him off. It’s embarrassing,” said another.

Another tweeted the show to plead: “Do not invite @toryboypierce back on. His true colours have been shown.”

Others seemed to agree, labelling the journalist a “disgrace”.

“#Andrewpierce is a disgrace. Showing his true colours,” said one.

“Tory boy Pierce showing his true colours. Nasty little man,” concluded another.

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