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GMB: Piers Morgan warns Brits may have to miss Christmas this year as coronavirus cases rise

Piers says the coronavirus pandemic is 'our war'

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GMB host Piers Morgan says Brits must be willing to sacrifice Christmas this year.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the host said Christmas could be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

He said that we must make huge sacrifices to save lives as COVID-19 cases continue to rise.

Piers even referred to the pandemic as ‘our war’.

piers morgan christmas
Piers Morgan shared his concerns on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers Morgan say about Christmas 2020?

The GMB star said: “This virus has not got any less virulent, it doesn’t understand rule of six or Boris’ idea of having Christmas Day off as if somehow we can all amass on Christmas Day and then go back to the rules.

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“As if the virus is going, ‘Oh okay, I’ll leave you alone on Christmas Day.’

“If we miss Christmas Day as a country, if that’s what we have to do, we have to do it. This is our war.

“People have to be realistic about that. Hilary let’s bring you in here because you’re the master of all this stuff.”

dr hilary christmas piers morgan
Dr Hilary explained the bleak statistics (Credit: ITV)

What did Dr Hilary say on GMB?

Dr Hilary said the rising coronavirus cases were certainly worrying.

The resident doctor explained: “Well we know that the R rate is about 1.4 which means 10 people are giving this virus to 14 others.

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“If that continues the rate will increase exponentially and we will be back to where we were pre-lockdown before March.

Piers Morgan Susanna Reid GMB
Piers said Christmas won’t be easy this year (Credit: ITV)

“The growth rate is about seven percent so it’s increasing quite quickly and we need to get a handle on the social distancing because not enough people have been abiding by the guidelines.

“Therefore, the COVID-19 virus has been spreading. If it continues to spread we will see more hospitalisations.”

However, not all of Piers’ viewers agreed with his Christmas sentiments.

GMB viewers have their say

Dozens argued that they wouldn’t let a new lockdown – nor the rule of six – ruin their Christmas this year.

One viewer tweeted: “I’m not missing Christmas! We’ve already missed Easter, Mother’s Day, birthdays, holidays!

The rule of six could ruin Christmas for thousands of families (Credit: Unsplash)

“Halloween will be next! Not all of us are being irresponsible! We do we all have to suffer?? Shield the vulnerable and let the rest of us carry on! We cannot keep locking down.”

Another user declared: “Absolutely no way I’m tolerating my parents sitting on their own on Christmas Day.

“I don’t care what rules are in place. We’re following hands/face/space etc, not mixing outside of individual houses, but Christmas is a time for family. They WILL be with me on 25th Dec.”

In addition, a third user ranted: “Don’t talk nonsense we are not missing Christmas day because of some poxy virus absolutely pathetic.”

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