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GMB: Piers Morgan clashes with Dr Hilary over Boris Johnson

They showed a clip of Boris Johnson in a woodwork shop

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GMB host Piers Morgan slammed Boris Johnson on today’s episode and claimed the Prime Minister has left the UK in a “rudderless” position during the pandemic.

On this morning’s (Wednesday, September 30) episode of Good Morning Britain, Piers and his co-host Susanna Reid showed a recent clip of the PM in a woodwork shop using a planing tool.

On GMB, Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid accused Boris Johnson of not sticking to his own rules (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers Morgan criticise Boris Johnson about on GMB?

They pointed out that he didn’t appear to be maintaining a safe social distance from those around him, and also wasn’t wearing a mask in the indoor space.

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They also discussed Boris having to apologise this week for seemingly getting confused over his own coronavirus pandemic rules, amid new restrictions coming in for the North East of England.

Piers and Susanna were joined by Dr Hilary Jones – and Piers shouted the TV doctor down for appearing to defend the Prime Minister.

Dr Hilary spoke in defence of the Prime Minister (Credit: ITV)

Dr Hilary pointed out that Boris would classify the clip as him ‘in work’, meaning some of the usual rules don’t apply.

Piers fumed: “He’s just a bumbling fool and it’s got beyond a joke, this man is running the country in the biggest crisis… doesn’t even know his own simple rule of six.

“Something has got to change, we can’t stay in this rudderless position.”

Susanna said: “The numbers are ticking upwards… and then to see the prime minister not even obeying the basic rules.”

Dr Hilary then said: “I feel a little bit of sympathy for him because the rules are different in Wales, in Northern Ireland, in Scotland…”

“They’re his rules, Hilary!” Piers shouted, cutting him off. “Sorry to be pedantic. He announced the rule of six because it was so simple, that’s why they brought it in.”

Piers Morgan slammed Boris Johnson for leaving the UK ‘rudderless’ (Credit: ITV)

Piers demands Dr Hilary ‘stop defending’ the Prime Minister

“Absolutely, for England,” Dr Hilary argued.

“North East is in England!” Piers shouted. “He was specifically talking about [the North East], that’s in England.

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Dr Hilary then conceded: “He got it wrong, I don’t think he should be bogged down in the minutia of certain areas…”

“North East is not a little area!” Piers told him. “It’s a massive swathe of this country, stop defending this clown, Hilary.”

Dr Hilary then insisted that he wasn’t “defending” the prime minister.

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