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GMB: Piers Morgan issues apology to crew member for criticising her on first day of job

Camera woman Susanna saw the funny side

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GMB host Piers Morgan issued an apology to a crew member today on her first day of the job.

The presenter wasn’t impressed when his request to have the camera zoom in on a Scotch egg wasn’t followed through on Good Morning Britain.

Piers, Susanna Reid and Dr Hilary Jones were discussing what qualifies as a “substantial meal” in pubs once lockdown is over.

From December 2, areas of England in Tier 2 will be allowed to reopen pubs and restaurants as long as they’re serving “substantial food”.

Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid on GMB
Piers Morgan fumed over the camera work on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What did Piers Morgan say on GMB today?

Piers said: “I don’t know about you Hilary but that to me is not a substantial meal,” as he held up the Scotch egg.

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He continued: “This Scotch egg… can we show it please? Go in close,” as the camera failed to zoom in.

Piers asked: “What’s happening up there?! I’m holding a Scotch egg up, come on!

Piers Morgan on GMB
All Piers wanted was the camera to zoom in on his Scotch egg (Credit: ITV)

“One of you get my Scotch egg.”

One camera managed to zoom into Susanna’s egg and Piers wasn’t happy.

What you haven’t seen is Piers off-camera has just apologised to a member of staff.

He said: “What happened to my Scotch egg! Why is she getting the airtime?

“I’m going to get it in my contract that when I hold a Scotch egg up, the camera goes to me.”

Later in the show, Piers apologised to the newbie camera woman, who was filling in for somebody who was off ill.

GMB crew member
Susanna filled in for somebody who was ill (Credit: ITV)

Susanna told viewers after an advert break: “What you haven’t seen is Piers off-camera has just apologised to a member of staff.”

Piers said: “No I didn’t. When I kept banging on about ‘Get my Scotch egg in shot’, it turns out the poor camera operator is someone who has never done it before.

“She’s stepping in for someone who’s off sick!”

Piers introduced the crew member as Susanna before joking there’s a “rival Susanna” now on the show.

However, co-host Susanna replied: “Not a rival Susanna. A twin Susanna.”

Piers Morgan blurred in GMB
Susanna blurred Piers’ shot to get back at him (Credit: ITV)

Piers said: “No, very much a rival. She now has the power of that camera to make you look good or not.”

Susanna then blurred Piers’ camera as he burst into laughter.

Piers then told her: “Welcome to the team, Susanna. It’s a grim team and we all loathe each other but good luck to you.”

Susanna gave a thumbs up the camera.

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