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GMB: Piers Morgan criticises new weatherman as he’s forced to rush into studio

The controversial host wasn't exactly camera ready

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GMB host Piers Morgan clashed with the show‘s new weatherman Des Coleman after he was forced to rush into the studio early.

The 55-year-old presenter was getting his makeup done when Des finished his report early, leaving Piers panicked.

As the ITV show began, Piers was seen adjusting his jacket and microphone as co-host Susanna Reid sat behind the desk.

Piers Morgan blamed GMB’s new weatherman after he was late into the studio (Credit: ITV)

Why was Piers Morgan late on GMB?

Addressing the situation, Piers said: “Sorry, running a bit late today.”

When Susanna asked what was going on, Piers criticised Des for cutting his report short.

He said: “What’s the name of the new weather guy? Where is he? Rule one mate, you don’t end early.

“If I’m in makeup being beautified, you do not end early.”

The GMB host fixed his hair as Charlotte Hawkins and Susanna Reid watched on (Credit: ITV)

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Susanna quickly defended Des, saying: “I have to say, do not blame the weather presenter. It’s his first day. It is not his fault. The camera shot froze.”

Although Des wasn’t afraid to stand up to Piers himself.

He fired back: “Susanna, I love you, and Piers, it’s my first day and you can’t even cut a good looking young guy a break.”

Piers replied: “So far all I’ve heard you do is call yourself good looking. People who go on about how good looking they are tend to be speaking too much.”

Piers clashed with Des after he finished his weather report early (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say?

However, viewers rushed to comment on Twitter, with many praising Des for standing up to Piers.

One wrote: “@DESCOLEMAN come on Des, get @piersmorgan told! #GMB.”

Another said: “Ah love Des the weatherman! #GMB.”

A third commented: “Loving Des. Great charisma! #GMB.”

Piers Morgan fat-shamed

It’s certainly been an eventful week for Piers, who was earlier targeted by co-stars Susanna and Dr Hilary over his weight.

The host explained he’d put on a bit of timber over lockdown and busting his ankle hadn’t helped.

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Trying to ‘shame him,’ Susanna jokingly said: “Yes you fat person, it’s about time chubster.”

Meanwhile, the conversation then moved on and Piers teased Dr Hilary for having a girl’s name.

In addition, the TV doctor shot back: “At least I’m not overweight.”

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