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GMB: Pensioner Maureen Eames divides viewers over ‘dangerous’ views on coronavirus lockdown

Maureen said the government should "get rid of scientists"

GMB viewers were divided as pensioner Maureen Eames appeared on the show this morning (Friday October 23) to tell them her straight-talking views on coronavirus.

Barnsley-based Maureen, 83, went viral when she appeared on BBC News last week.

She told reporters that she “didn’t give a sod” about the new lockdowns in the area.

What did Maureen say on GMB?

Speaking to hosts Kate Garraway and Charlotte Hawkins, Maureen suggested that the government should “get rid of scientists”.

“What I can’t understand is how we’re going to afford to pay for these lockdowns,” she said.

“The people who are going to suffer most are the young ones and the unemployed.”

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Maureen and her husband Michael both beat the virus earlier in the year.

Now Maureen says: “I’m not going to stay at home, I’m too old.”

Maureen Eames divided viewers on GMB
Maureen pulled no punches on GMB (Credit: ITV)

What else did Maureen say?

Maureen also added: “I think the government should get rid of the scientists.

“I didn’t vote for scientists.”

She concluded that she thought scientists should go back to the universities.

What did GMB viewers say about Maureen?

It wasn’t long before GMB viewers took to Twitter to cast their opinions.

One user wrote: “Maureen on @GMB is dangerous spreading this message. She shouldn’t be given airtime.”

Maureen on GMB is dangerous spreading this message.

Another commented: “Could do without hearing Maureen’s unqualified bile on #GMB this morning.

“God knows how @kategarraway feels listening to it.”

But the reaction wasn’t all negative.

One supporter wrote: “This great lady Maureen spoke total sense here, 100% agree!

“As per usual biased interview from GMB and they wheeled out the doctor of doom lol.

“They need to wind it in with all this disproportionate scaremongering!”

Maureen Eames appears on GMB
Dr Jarvis tried to explain the situation (Credit: ITV)

What did the expert say in response to Maureen?

Also appearing during the discussion was Dr Sarah Jarvis, who tried to explain why the government was taking action in some parts of the UK.

She said that shielding older and vulnerable people was the right thing to do to protect them.

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Dr Sarah also added that ‘nobody is saying shut down and close your doors’ and people are being encouraged to go out and get fresh air.

However, Maureen’s husband hit back: “You’re guessing because you don’t know, you’re inexperienced.”

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