GMB news: Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley presenting

GMB news: Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway divide viewers with ‘painful’ interview

Engelbert Humperdinck's appearance certainly got people talking…

Breakfast news show GMB divided viewers today (July 22) as singing legend Engelbert Humperdinck appeared on the show via video link.

The veteran crooner was on the show to promote his upcoming tour, The Legend Continues, which kicks off in the autumn.

However, Good Morning Britain viewers couldn’t help but notice hosts Richard Madeley and Kate Garraway were particularly focused on another subject.

Namely the death of the singer’s wife Patricia back in February.

GMB news: Kate Garraway and Richard Madeley presenting
Richard Madeley presented breakfast news show GMB with Kate Garraway today (Credit: ITV)

GMB news: What happened on the show today?

At the very end of the show, Kate and Richard introduced Engelbert.

They explained that his wife had died earlier in the year after battling Alzheimer’s for a decade.

“How are you doing since she passed away?” Kate asked.

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“I’m bearing up, not bad,” the singer said.

“The whole family has been in limbo with quarantine but we’ve finally brought her home so we can give her her final send off at our home in Leicester,” he added.

Although happy to answer their questions, the star then tried to move on, talking about the MBE he was recently awarded and his tour.

However, viewers noticed the show’s hosts kept bringing it back to his wife’s death.

GMB news
The interview with Engelbert Humperdinck certainly got viewers talking (Credit: ITV)

What did viewers say?

Viewers branded the interview an “uncomfortable” watch.

One said: “Poor Engelbert, on to talk about his tour and they bombard him with questions about his wife dying. That was so uncomfortable.”

Another added: “Poor presenting. Keeping on about his dead wife.”

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“Jesus, let him talk about his upcoming tour,” said another.

“This is painful,” another declared.

Another accused the hosts of trying to make the singer cry.

“Oh let’s keep asking dead wife questions until he cries,” they said.

‘Madeley, shut up!’

Stand-in presenter Richard Madeley got the worst of the viewers’ wrath on Twitter.

The interview had a number of awkward silences while Engelbert’s sound caught up with the studio, with Richard then accidentally speaking over the singer as he answered the previous question.

Richard Madeley is crap at dealing with the pauses,” one viewer laughed.

#GMB is now an utter shambles!!” declared another.

“When they do live interviews they should just end questions with ‘over’ like when we talk on walkie talkies. Would end so many pointless long silences,” said a third.

As if to hammer home their point, Richard also made a bit of a gaffe when handing over to Ranvir Singh on Lorraine.

“GMB is back, well it’s back tomorrow, I was going to say it’s back on Monday but it’s only Thursday so it’s back tomorrow,” he said.

“And now we’re going to join, here she is, is it one week only or two weeks only? Ranvir on Lorraine.”

“Madeley, shut up FFS!” quipped one viewer. “Just saying words for the sake of it now.”

Some did enjoy the interview, though.

One viewer commented: “So great to see #Leicester legend Engelbert Humperdink live from the city on @GMB.”

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