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GMB sinks to ‘all time low’ after Lord Archer interview, say fans

The former Tory MP caused a stir on Good Morning Britain

Lord Jeffrey Archer shocked GMB viewers by making an appearance on the show today (August 6).

The former Tory MP was sent to prison for four years after lying and cheating during his 1987 libel trial.

He was found guilty on two counts of perverting the course of justice and two counts of perjury at the Old Bailey.

Lord Archer GMB
Lord Archer stunned GMB viewers (Credit: ITV)

Lord Archer causes a stir on GMB

So when he appeared on Good Morning Britain to criticise Donald Trump, viewers weren’t impressed.

Criticising the president’s response to the explosion in Beirut, Lord Archer told Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray: “I am absolutely appalled.

“[Trump] should be taking advice from his senior officials and he should be listening to them carefully.

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“He just talks without thinking and he should have taken advice.

“First and foremost, he should have sent his best wishes from the United States to the people of Lebanon, he then should have said what he was going to do to help, he then should have said I’m going to seek advice from my senior officials and will be making a statement later.

“Later is not something President Trump goes in for.”

Lord Archer GMB
The ex Tory MP caused a stir on GMB (Credit: ITV)

GMB fans react to Lord Archer

Lord Archer’s comments triggered a huge backlash from viewers tuning in at home who were quick to take ti Twitter afterwards.

One wrote: “@GMB an all time low for GMB having Jeffrey Archer on the show.”

Another posted: “Why has @gmb got a criminal on?”

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Moments later, a third tweeted: “@GMB what the hell are you asking the fool Archer to talk about trump, ex jail bird knows nothing.”

Shortly after, a fourth. added: “All that is wrong with the UK today, Disgraced LORD Archer on @gmtv.”

A firth commented: “@GMB oh the hilarity of “Lord” Jeffrey Archer giving advice to others. This is the same man found guilty on two counts of perverting the course of justice and two of perjury and who served a 4 stretch in Belmarsh prison?”

But it wasn’t an entirely negative response.

Lord Archer GMB
Lord Archer poked fun at himself on Spitting Image (Credit: ITV)

Lord Archer wins over some GMB viewers

Others praised Lord Archer for his sense of humour as he laughed at the portrayal of him in Spitting Image.

“You’ve got to laugh at yourself in politics,” Lord Archer laughed. “If you don’t, you’re in real trouble.

“I was in a tracksuit bouncing around the cabinet table taking orders from the prime minister Margaret Thatcher and giving them to the lesser minions in the cabinet and they weren’t taking much notice of me!”

He added: “I had the great honour of running the country and representing Great Britain but it was so long ago no one remembers!”

Commenting on his ability to poke fun at himself, one viewer tweeted: “@Jeffrey_Archer just watched you on GMB and thinking what a nice man, and great sense of humour! Going to start buying your books and am now following you, obviously.”

Another then added: “#gmb Lord Archer is a great guest! His book sounds fab lol x.”

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